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1987 TMNT: Attack from Outer Space

This fanfic reads like an episode. It was made nearly 9 years ago.

Shredder and Krang discovered an energy source on Earth's moon. Shredder wants to bring the Technodrome back to Earth.

Attack from Outer Space
By the Minimizer

On the moon in the Technodrome….
Shredder: Krang, when are we bringing the Technodrome back to Earth?
Krang: All in good time, Shredder. I plan on using this extra energy we acquired. It goes perfectly with my latest invention, the portal multiplier.
Shredder: Portal multiplier?
Krang: It’s a device that allows me to open multiple portals at the same time from the main portal.
Shredder: Your rock soldiers could attack Earth on multiple fronts.
Krang: That’s one of its many applications. I have a special one in mind for the people of Earth. I plan to suck Earth’s inhabitants into outer space if they refuse to surrender.
Shredder: How do you plan to do that?
Krang: I can open portals to normal space over various cities around the world. Since normal space is a vacuum, it will suck everyone and everything through the portals.
Shredder: Krang that is an insidiously sinister plan!
Krang: Why thank you. I’m sending the portal multiplier to Earth.
Krang opens portal to Earth’s middle atmosphere and sends the portal multiplier through.
Krang: The portal multiplier has reached Earth’s middle atmosphere. It will hover above the city.
Krang: It’s time to contact the people of Earth and demand their surrender.
Shredder: I can’t wait!
Krang contacts Earth.

Back on Earth at the turtles’ lair….
The turtles are watching TV.
Leonardo: I wonder what Krang and Shredder are up to.
Raphael: Whatever it is, it can’t be good.
Suddenly Krang appears on the TV via broadcast.
Krang: People of Earth, I am Krang, ruler of Dimension-X. I order you to surrender your miserable planet to me.
Shredder: And me, Shredder!
Krang: Surrender to both of us. If you refuse, I will send your cities and their inhabitants into the frozen depths of outer space! You have one hour to comply.
Krang terminates communication.
Leonardo to Donatello: Can Krang really do that?
Donatello: I’m don’t see how considering I fried their anti-gravity system.
Raphael: I wouldn’t put it past him.
Michelangelo: We should go to the Technodrome and find out what they’re up to.
Donatello: Guys, I just don’t see how Krang could accomplish something like that. Besides he would need massive amounts of power and the Technodrome is stuck on the moon.
Leonardo: I say we don’t take any chances. Donatello, work on getting the portable portal generator working again.
Donatello: Alright, but it may take several hours.

1 hour later….
Back on the moon in the Technodrome….
Krang contacts world leaders for their surrender.
Krang: Have you agreed to our terms of surrender?
World Leaders: We will NOT negotiate with terrorists! We’re not surrendering.
Shredder: Then prepare to face devastation and destruction on a massive scale!
Shredder terminates communication.
Krang: Now, to terrorize the people of Earth!
Krang opens portals to space over numerous cities around the world.

Back at the turtles’ lair…
Donatello: I just detected a portal opening in the city.
April chimes in on the turtle com.
April: Leonardo: Cities all over the world are reporting objects being sucked into some sort of portal in the sky! It’s happening here, too!
Leonardo: It must be Krang’s work. We’re on it April. Leonardo out.
Donatello: Krang has somehow managed to open multiple portals. I’m also detecting an energy reading.
Raphael: Let me guess. It’s coming from the moon?
Donatello: No, it’s coming from Earth above us. We’ll have to take the turtle blimp to find out what it is.
Michelangelo: But why are things getting sucked into the sky?
Donatello: Krang must have opened the portals to normal space. It acts as giant vacuum.
Leonardo: Let’s get topside!
The turtles come to the surface only to find chaos unfolding before them. Cars, trees, fire hydrants, busses, trash cans, debris and even some buildings are being sucked into a portal in the sky.

Back on the moon in the Technodrome:
Krang (laughing): It’s working better than I expected. Soon the miserable people of Earth will meet an icy doom.
Shredder: I have a better idea. Reverse the portal flow and turn all that debris into missiles.
Krang: Not a bad idea. You can do the honors.
Shredder: Now to do some real damage!
Shredder reverses the portal flow.

Back in the city on Earth…
The turtles are sky borne in the blimp.
Leonardo: Look. The suction from the portal stopped.
Raphael: Heads up! We got busses and cars flying toward us!
Donatello: They must have reversed the portal flow. Hang on! This is going to be a rough ride!
Donatello bare misses a bus as it flies by at tremendous speed.
Donatello: We’re getting closer to the energy source. We’ll have to go up higher. I’m taking us up.

On the moon in the Technodrome…
Shredder (laughing): Isn’t it wonderful? Cities all over the world are being bombarded with debris.
Krang: Yes. I’m finding this quite enjoyable. But my plan was to suck the citizens of Earth into space. I’m changing the portal flow back to normal.
Krang changes the portal flow.

Back in the city on Earth….
Donatello: Hang on guys! The portal flow just changed again!
Michelangelo: Oh no! We’re going to get sucked into space!
Donatello: Just a little higher. We’re almost free from the portal’s suction.
Leonardo: Watch out! More flying debris!
Donatello pulls up just in the nick of time.
Donatello: We made it. The energy readings are getting very strong.
Raphael: I see something. It looks like some funky contraction.
Leonardo: It must be the device that’s opening all the portals. Let’s shoot it down.
Michelangelo fires at the portal multiplier from the turtle blimp.
Michelangelo: Nothing’s happening.
Leonardo: We’re going to have to get closer so we can destroy it.
Donatello brings the turtle blimp closer.
Donatello: It’s shooting at us! Look out!
Donatello swings the turtle blimp around for a second try.
The portal multiplier shoots the blimp, causing it to lose air.
Donatello: Just a little closer.
Leonardo: I got it.
Leonardo throws his sword into the portal multiplier which causes it to explode. The portals all close.
Donatello: Don’t look now guys but we’re going down!
All four turtles: Whoa!
The turtles land safely outside of the city.

On the moon in the Technodrome….
Krang: The portals have all closed! The portal multiplier isn’t responding.
Krang looks at the view screen.
Krang: It’s not there anymore!
Shredder: It must have crashed.
Krang: Go to Earth and retrieve it at once.
Krang opens the portal and Shredder goes to Earth.

Back in the city….
A portal opens and Shredder comes through.
Shredder: It must be around here somewhere.
Shredder sees a fiery mess of rubble.
The turtles show up.
Shredder: Oh! It’s been destroyed!
Leonardo: You can thank us, Shredder!
Shredder: You wretched amphibians will pay for this!
Shredder finds Leonardo’s sword. He tries cut off Leonardo’s head but Leo ducks into his shell. Raphael disarms Shredder and Shredder flees.
Shredder contacts Krang.
Krang get me out of here!
The portal opens and Shredder escapes.

On the moon in the Technodrome….
Shredder: Once again those pesky turtles have ruined our plans!
Krang: I’ll deal with them once we get to Earth. I’m opening the portal.
The Technodrome goes through the portal and returns to Earth in the next fanfic.
End fanfic.

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How did the Technodrome end up on the Moon in the first place?

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Donatello sent the Technodrome to the Moon in a previous fanfic. He used the Technodrome's anti-gravity system to send it into space. The Technodrome was floating until it landed on the moon.
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Originally Posted by the_minimizer View Post
Donatello sent the Technodrome to the Moon in a previous fanfic.
Did you publish that story? If so, please link to it.
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I removed it a long time ago. I can't post it again.

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