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Old 12-31-2017, 10:56 PM   #21
Rest. In. Peace.
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The good:
  • My second (almost first) place contest entry
  • Escaping the shelter I was in
  • My first job
  • Stage managing
  • Got to job shadow at the local television station
  • Passed my AP History test

The negative:
  • Despite escaping, the shelter still lingers on as a bad memory
  • Still dealing with family problems
  • Still dealing with school matters from before
  • My ear drum exploded in May; it's recovered though.
  • Due to work and the shelter, my diet and overall health has taken a hit. Working on it starting New Year's Day.

I guess when looking back, 2017 was actually solid. A lot of the good, while rather small, still helped me in the long run. At the same time though, those negatives are still going to be a problem either because I have a hard time moving on or because of poor handling on both ends. Personally, it felt mixed, but more towards the positive side. A hell of a lot better than 2016 for certain.

I'm looking towards getting assistance with those negatives so that I can start applying for college. At the least, I'm in a better position compared to the past.
"It's only natural for living creatures to fight to protect their own lives. But what makes us human is that we fight for others. But who do you fight for? How hard must you fight...? That's the true measure of what human life is worth. Even when the battle's over, and the bonds that connect us are severed... We always return... Time and time again." -Phoenix Wright
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Old 12-31-2017, 11:24 PM   #22
Storm Eagle
Saved by
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The good:
-I got a Switch on launch
-I replaced an ailing computer with a new laptop
-I transitioned into a full-time position at work after working there since 2015
-I went on my first vacation since 2013
-I was able to get an SNES Classic on launch for myself, and two more, which went to a co-worker and a friend
-I got to see a friend I haven't seen in person for a few years
-News on a Mega Man 11 and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection has surfaced
-Along with 2015, it's another full year of driving I've been able to get through without getting a ticket of any kind

The bad:
-The car I'm driving started to show its age, and now I'm hoping to get a new one
-Since August, I've been left wondering if someone is still my friend or not, and that still has not been resolved
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Old 01-02-2018, 10:06 AM   #23
Spooky ghost
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2017 was pretty good overall. I got to spend a lot of time with my sister and her kids, which is rare since they live on the other side of the world. I saw England in the Autumn which was very pretty, this allergy season has been really mild for me, and I'm still employed despite a very close call at the end of 2016.
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