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That's what I'm kind of worried about if some executive were to decide to use it to their advantage if any parents happen to complain.

Looks like the repeats tomorrow evening are at 5pm and again at 8pm -- stuck in the middle of a block of 'Rise' eps. o.O What are they even doing? If it was testing the waters for older kids and adult fans that would be great, but on a day and time when the younger ones are likely to have Nick on? Erm...

Pains me to have to forewarn my sister about anything TMNT, but the nephew is only 3 and would have probably been begging her to let him watch had they come across it, so I did give her a heads up.

Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
hey kids, lets watch the goofy.....AAAAAHHH!!!! sponge, quick!
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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
do christian groups still watch tv? If so they might complain and actually hurt chances of any future darker tmnt projects, if anything this might've been a bad thing for more mature tmnt.

Especially since Rise is also action oriented, they might just say "let's go full comedy for the next reboot".
That's only more of the extreme bible focused 1s imo. The more extreme and rigid of a Christian is, the more they look down on darker and mature content.

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Picked up the Blu-ray on a Black Friday sale, had been meaning to watch this for a while now.

Wow. I was surprised at how much pure enjoyment I got out of that. The characters worked great together and it was nice to see both teams unite. Donnie and Batgirl especially made a great pair.

I was surprised at the tone and violence, considering this went pretty far beyond the stuff we've seen in the TMNT franchise. The shuriken in the Foot Soldier's head and decapitated guard especially stood out to me.

I loved the design of the four brothers, they were different enough without going overboard like the accessories in the PD movies. Overall, I would love to see a full TMNT animated series done like this. I've been distant from the franchise for a few years, but this brought back all the reasons I loved it in the first place.
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Ninja Tiptup
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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Sooo, that was NOT edited and pretty gutsy of Nick to show untouched. o.O

Granted I hadn't watched it again yet since it first came out, so maybe there were edits I didn't notice(?), but I doubt it... Ninja star star to the head, guy gouged through by Shredder, off camera guy vocally being killed... all there.

And this is repeating Friday at only 5pm? Erm... I mean, I love that a wider audience may get a chance to catch it, but that's a little surprising.
They did remove the blood (yet kept some of the gush noise) but otherwise it was basically just as brutal and more surprisingly they didn't censor the language.
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Team Blue Boy
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Oh they did at least remove blood? (Been a while, don't remember how much there was.) I'm surprised they kept the edits so limited then.

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Just rewatched this movie and it really has many references and homage to the other iterations. Really cool to find many of these
watched a video from the old turtle den regarding this after I rewatched it and there were a few I didn't think of
recommend watching that video and rewatch the movie
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Hopefully the sequel is announced soon. No way are they not making one.
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Old 12-03-2019, 06:04 PM   #128
Big Boss
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Hopefully the sequel is announced soon. No way are they not making one.
If sales were high, yeah. Do we know?
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if is reliable which has the sales of all the DC direct to video animated films they've done for the past decade TMNT vs Batman did $3,919,424 which is not amazing numbers when compared to the other DTVs but it's also not bad numbers, it sold slightly above average

So I guess based on this a sequel is up in the air, it didn't do bad so there's a possibility but it didn't do gangbusters either so probably won't get a guaranteed sequel, it depends on how much it sold digitally and if sharing the profits because of the license is worth the trouble or just make another Batman movie without sharing any of the pie.
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