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Random Punk
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Naming the 2K3 TMNT Seasons

As you know, only the last 3 seasons of the 2K3 series have names.

Season 5: The Ninja Tribunal
Season 6: Fast Forward
Season 7: Back to the Sewers

I was thinking the first four seasons could use names as well.

The ones I came up with are:

Season 1: Mirage
A reference to TMNT's roots on Mirage Comics.

Season 2: Turtles in Space and City At War
Referencing 2 of the 3 big arcs from the second season. The third big arc being the battle nexus.

Season 3: Invasion and Exodus
Referencing the Triceraton invasion in the season opening and the Exodus of the Shredder during the season finale.

Season 4: Mutants and Monsters
Reference to the heavy emphasis of both in this season. With the creature from Dragon's Brew, the Rat King, Donnie mutating into a monster, Bishop and Baxter's mutants they created and the Y'Lyntians species.

Let me know what you think and or what names you would give to seasons 1-4.
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