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I posted in this thread about 6 years ago(damn, been here for so long!) so my tastes have changed over the years. And I honestly find it hard to give a top 10 that's set in stone. It depends on my mood among other things, but I'll give it a shot. Also, just because I like a band/artist, doesn't mean I like everything they've released in their careers. In fact, some are bound to have more stuff I don't enjoy than stuff I actually enjoy(Metallica per example. Most of their stuff is garbage). Currently, I'd say my top 10 consists of:

1 - Judas Priest
2 - Herbie Hancock
3 - Iron Maiden
4 - John Coltrane
5 - Alice in Chains
6 - Bolt Thrower
7 - Mitch Murder
8 - Meisa Kuroki
9 - Namie Amuro
10 - Fréderic Chopin

Honorable mentions: Miami Nights 1984, Miles Davis, Black Sabbath, Death, Tool

A few positions would probably change if I remade my top 10 next week, with a couple of the honorable mentions moving into my top 10.
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