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Huh. My Walmart at least still sells a reasonable amount of DVDs. (Thankfully... as I wanted that Batman vs TMNT movie the day it came out.)
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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Huh. My Walmart at least still sells a reasonable amount of DVDs. (Thankfully... as I wanted that Batman vs TMNT movie the day it came out.)
At Walmart I do see quite a bit in the clearance bins. But the regular DVD section is almost nothing at all anymore.
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Weird, maybe they just don't sell well enough in your area to be worth stocking.
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Yeah it varies by region, I have multiple Targets and Wal-Marts near me and the selection is all over the place.

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Also depends on the program. I know Super Sentai is on dvd and that’s because Toei hasn’t done any remasters on any seasons prior to 2004. Only thing you can do with some shows would be like SDonBD like Cyborg 009 2001 version
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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
It has a very high Lifetime Batting Average, yes. Lifetime, as in from the FW cartoon's debut until now. MOST of that money and acclaim came between the years 1988 and 1992, and most of the revenue SINCE then has come from recycling the exact same material that was popular Then. Nothing "new" of TMNT past the mid-90s has truly taken off. Re-released FW material and stuff based on FW sells. The same video games that were popular in the 90s sells, and a game specifically built to remind you of those games sells. Newer games don't sell, they don't even make waves. The new cartoons haven't gotten much attention even at their peak. The Bay movies are only notorious for how awful they were.

I get what you're trying to say but there is very strong evidence that the only success the TMNT brand has enjoyed since the mid-90s is based on people's nostalgia for Classic Coke TMNT, not anything to come along since then.

Put simply, people don't care about "TMNT" in the grand sense, they care about "The TMNT they liked when they were kids". THAT memory and iteration of TMNT is, was, and remains popular. "TMNT" as a whole, is NOT popular. If it was, people would react to and remember more than just The One Version. But that simply isn't the case and we've seen that for 25 years.

Look at those "massive plans" for what's in the pipeline. More FW rehash.

But regardless, and to the topic, the decision to release DVDs vs. Blu-rays is dollars and cents. They have "people" to study and project what's going to be most effective on a dollars spent vs. dollars earned ratio. If they thought enough people would buy a TMNT Blu-ray set for the Nick show, then they'd do one. The fact that they haven't means they simply don't have confidence in the product. They would know more about it than you or I, we're over here speculating but they actually have the hard data.

It's like when the kid who played Sponge on Salute Your Shorts was trying to get that show on DVD, and Nick kept saying no. He went to them with online polls and message board posts and said "Look! People want this!" And Nick Corporate said, "Yeah, that means nothing, we have our own much more extensive and expensive research that tells us we'd lose money on making the set, so we're not going to." And that was the end of that.

They also cancelled the release of the final Season of Pete & Pete AFTER they'd already manufactured it, because they found out that even just the cost of shipping them to stores would cost more than they'd ever make back through sales.

"But People Want" isn't enough. It's a business.
Considering the FW cartoon was a phenomenon, it's only natural that its popularity would wane. But the brand's staying power is undeniable. Sure, the FW series has been the most dominant source of success for the franchise, but it's still TMNT all the same. You can't blame the casual audience for responding to what they like when they haven't been given anything worth a damn to care about in the last 25 years.

The 2007 film failed to capitalize on whatever success the franchise was having during its 2003 run by making an incredibly mediocre film with very little brand recognition. The BayTurtles films were also controversial from the start and seen as a corporate reinvention of the Ninja Turtles. That doesn't really prove the franchise isn't popular, it just proves people don't respond well to garbage.

Even the video games were a much harder sell than they were in the 90s because of the way the gaming industry had evolved. Not everything survived the transition to 3D gaming and beat 'em ups were no exception. Not to mention, licensed games were typically lower budget and had strict deadlines to meet, which was far more evident and detrimental to a 3D game than sprite based side-scrollers that looked like every other game on the market. Standards were very different.

As for the cartoons, most people tend to age out them, so they've each had to find their own audience and yet 2 of the 3 not only had successful toylines, but also had impressive 100+ episode runs, which is no easy feat to pull off back to back despite not being popular anymore. The 2012 show also had lots of crossover appeal with older fans because it retained elements that made it familiar to both FW and 2k3 fans, with the former likely being parents who would have used the show to bond with their kids out of nostalgia. But the show still stood on its own and successfully introduced TMNT to a new generation of fans.

I don't think there's enough data out there to definitively state that the majority of its media gross comes strictly from 1988-1992 considering how strong merchandising has been for the past 22 years. Especially now with its extensive list of brand deals that has given us so many premium figure lines and a bunch of video game crossovers which to my knowledge, we don't have any numbers on. Then there's the fact that it still has an on-going comic book series with The Last Ronin even gaining a lot of casual interest.

I also don't buy into whatever nonsense data they may or may not have considering how often companies half ass physical media releases they don't advertise and then never complete after they've botched the whole thing. Most people don't want to bother with endless volumes they have to hunt down, they want an easy purchase of one box with everything in it. Whatever data they have is either insufficient BS that proves they're standing in their own way or says a lot more about the state of physical media sales in general than it does TMNT itself. Warner Bros. certainly has no problem releasing all their sh*t on blu-ray and there's absolutely no way Legion of Superheroes and The Batman were ever more popular than Ninja Turtles.

There's a reason they keep banking on the FW series to get people excited and move TMNT merch. It's the same reason Sega kept relying on Classic Sonic. They tried something stupid with BayTurtles and Rise and it bit them in the ass and so now they're going back to what works for some cheap pops until they can get their next sh*tty reboot off the ground. Like I said before, you can't judge the popularity of the franchise by its mismanagement. TMNT didn't fail Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon failed TMNT.
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