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Characters left unresolved.

Any characters or plots that your surprised didn't appear again from last appearance? or didn't appear more often
T9581 J Finn from Dragon's Brew
Another Battle Nexus tournament
Necro Monster

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Originally Posted by TMNTmousers View Post
T9581 J Finn from Dragon's Brew
I could have seen this one coming back.
In an episode the turtles are struggling in a fight with Purple Dragon and the monster shows up at the last second and save them, something like that. They still don't know who he is but they understand he's good. Then in a third episode he shows up again and the Turtles come to know something more about him and his family. That episode was so sad.
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I don't know. I think that J.Finn's episode was enough.
Not because it was a bad character, but I think that it's story was explained well even without anything more. Sure, where the hell he went after that explosion can be a common question, but at the same time I don't think it's necessary. I should open a thread about him to discuss more.

The ones who REALLY needed more episodes, or plot expansion, were Touch n Go.
I mean, I said it countless of times in the thread, they never had any kind of backstory. They are just mercenaries.
That's it.

Traximus is a well-rounded character. Even tho I would have wanted him to show up again in the serie (after the war), I think it had a big screentime and importance.

Ratking would have been interesting too for a better character development. Imagine the stupidly exaggerated philosophical themes his character could have received.
"Fighting for our comrades, for the Republic, for...

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I would say Drako after separating from Ultimate Ninja. Also Mozar vanished at the same time as Traximus and he was important too. Also Garbage Man.

And the Utrom guardians, after leaving one of them said we shall meet again but after that they were never seen again.

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Why did you make three threads with the same title? Knowing which one is which will get confusing.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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