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sally pride 2 28.57%
alopex 3 42.86%
sheena 0 0%
amy 0 0%
jennika 0 0%
mona lisa 1 14.29%
lucia 1 14.29%
koya 0 0%
ravenwood 0 0%
jo 0 0%
another girl mutant 0 0%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

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the 2nd Annual miss Mutant of the Idw Universe Beauty Pageant

OC: I thought Tim Curry would be a good v.a. for the Rat King in this so try and imagine him talking.
So lets begin.

The setting is a large stage with a purple back drop curtain. We can hear a drumroll and horn's as the Rat King steps on stage wearing a suit.

RK: Hello there kiddies and all those looking for some fun. You're in for a treat tonight because your just in time for the 2nd Annual miss Mutant of the Idw Universe Beauty Pageant.
So sit back, relax, and stay tuned, because after the commercial break we'll start to introduce the ladies.

Commercial break

RK: Well, wasn't those some lovely products? So, on with the show.

Here's our ladies. First up is...

Sally Pride, quite the lioness isn't she folks? Now Sally until recently was one of the Mutanimals but now there's rumers of her trying a run for mayor, won't that be an interesting race. Her hobbies are driving and engines.

Now on to the next contestent...

The lovely fox Alopex. This vixen gives my sister a run for her money and sorry boys but she's taken. She also has a soup kitchen and also teaches martial arts as a side job. She won last year and who knows maybe lightning does strike twice.

For our third...

We have the singer Sheena from the band After the Bomb. This Piggy's the lead singer of a heavy metal band so you can tell she's got some spunk. Right now she's taking martial arts classes to toughen herself up.
Congratulations Alopex for winning the second time in a row! Sally you did great to make it 2nd and Mona and Lucia for tying for 3rd.
And my thanks to the 7 that voted.

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