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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Might never get finished, the remake underperformed and any second part will only sell less.
Dumb trolling is dumb.
Not only part 2 in active development, but SE confirmed whole slew of projects related to the FF7. So much for underperformed project!

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
A LOT of people don't want to play it in "chapters' with two-year breaks in between. They want to wait until it's complete and play the entire thing in one straight shot. Sure, that's gonna be like another 10 years at minimum but I understand why they'd rather just wait.

The delivery model for this game is stupid. "I get to play this awesome FF7 remake in little chunks, about 10% of the story at a time!" That's dumb. I understand that it's so "hi-def" and graphically polished that it takes that long just to make the damn game, but... maybe it shouldn't be. I don't think anyone would cry about it if it were less graphically impressive with the flipside being that they wouldn't need to take 2-to-5 years in between "chapters". By the time they get to the stuff that was Disc 3 of the original game, nobody's even still gonna care. People who were kids when Chapter 1 of the remake came out are gonna be married with kids by then.

It's like, a FF7 remake is something everybody's wanted for ages, and then when they finally do it, they do it the absolute dumbest way possible. It actually WOULDN'T shock me if they never get to even finish it. And then what are you left with?

It is impossible to create such big game in a reasonable timeframe.
You want FF7 with modern graphics and stuff? OK, see ya in 10-12 years.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Yeah. A lot of people definitely were not expecting the "remake" to be... literally a completely new game with some of the same skeleton of the original. In fact, that pissed a lot of people off. A ton of my friends JUST wanted the same game they loved as teenagers, just with better graphics and some bonus features/extra content. They didn't want everything completely reworked from the ground up, that's overkill.

Points for effort, but literally nobody asked them to go ahead and do that. And I've always had a bad feeling that it would backfire on them.
If you want to play the same game as before, but with better graphics - there is already a remastered version of the OG FF7.

In general, SE always said it will be a remake with modern graphics and bells and whistles. People who expected "slightly better graphics, but everything else being the same" were dumb to expect that.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
sdp, lol. You visit ResetEra and you know that's not true.
RejectEra is like the worst place to get any impressions about success or failure of games. This place is a concentrated combination of boomers and SJW autism - they sometimes not aware of popular games and think that some hits were failures and vice versa.

And since they are boomers and fanboys, no different that their 4Chan counterparts, they are heavily biased towards some games.
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Andrew NDB
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And guaranteed when this is done, things will go straight away into a full-on FF VII-2.
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By the time they get to the endgame content, we won't even need it. The world will actually BE a cyberpunk dystopia by then and we could all just as well simply go outside.

It's whatever, I'm sure it's fun and I'm sure it did well for them. I still think it's a massive overreach and they could have done just as well without such a monumental effort that's going to take them the next hundred years to complete, if they ever actually do. And I think if for whatever reason they end up abandoning the project before they get to the endgame content, they're gonna look stupid and everybody's gonna say, "See? Shouldn't have done it like that."

But then I'm an all-around "work smarter, not harder" kinda guy. Like seriously, I legit can't see this thing being "completed" before I'm 50. That's... irritating.

Not saying they should have gone and half-assed it or anything, but I'm reasonably certain that most people would have gladly settled for something much less ambitious than what this project has turned into. I'd love to know how much of this is from people actually ASKING Square/Enix to do it this specific way, and how much of it is SE just being themselves.

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As long as it won't fizzle out like Metal Gear Solid or Castlevania series, I am OK with waiting for the series I like to continue.
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FF7 is a franchise in itself. The remake takes 50 hours to beat so it's not like they released a 10 hour game. It's most likely going to be a trilogy, so we'll get Part 2 in 2023, and then Part 3 around 2 years after. So it'll all be done during the PS5 generation which is reasonable.
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