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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Oh, all of the Tomb Raider games. The ones that I played, anyway... the earliest. Controlling Lara has all the joy of trying to drive and steer a semi-truck around a cave. It's like the Austin Powers skit in the hallway, except not funny. I imagine the newer Tomb Raiders got better about it but I'll never know.

I seem to remember beating Ninja Gaiden 1-3 ages ago relatively OK.
I never said it was impossible comrade, is just not fun.
But now that you said that, I feel the urge to play it again...
It's a phantom in my gamer's past.
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Off the top of my head, Tenchu Shadow Warrior is one. Also Ninja Gaiden Black. And I know this is blasphemy, but the original TMNT for NES, because I never could find the exit on the maze level in the van! I must have gone through it a hundred times, and could never find the missiles to blast the last road block!
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Going to add Crash 4 or at least trying to 100 percent this insane game lol.
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