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View Poll Results: Which Turtle Should’ve Been The Last Ronin Instead?
Michelangelo 5 71.43%
Leonardo 0 0%
Raphael 0 0%
Donatello 2 28.57%
Voters: 7. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 01-10-2023, 12:44 PM   #1
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Who Should’ve Been The Last Ronin?

How many of you agree that Michelangelo was the perfect choice? Or do you think that any of the other turtles should’ve been the Last Ronin instead?

Personally, I loved the idea of Mikey being the last remaining turtle. One reason being he’s my favorite turtle so of course I’m biased. Also, it was a great twist since he’s the lighthearted party dude of the group, and you certainly wouldn’t expect him to become such a dark and brooding character.
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Old 01-10-2023, 01:15 PM   #2
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I think you hit the nail on the head...he was the heart of the group. Falling to despair makes a good story.
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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by Cowabung-Gal View Post
Also, it was a great twist since he’s the lighthearted party dude of the group
No he's not. Michelangelo and "Dude Mikey" are two entirely different things.

Originally Posted by Bahamut810 View Post
I think you hit the nail on the head...he was the heart of the group. Falling to despair makes a good story.
That's why I made him the Shogun in Odyssey. That and he was the one with the most ambiguous future glimpses at Mirage.
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Old 01-10-2023, 01:35 PM   #4
Monty Mole
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I always wanted it to be Mikey, he was the first Turtle ever drawn, so it's fitting that it started and ended with him. But when we got closer to the release of the first issue, I thought it'd be better if it was Don.

Mostly because the story was said to lean heavily towards Mirage, he's Peter Laird's favorite Turtle, and to me, Don has always seemed like the most underappreciated Turtle amongst fans, so i thought it would've been interesting to see him as the Ronin.

Maybe they could've found a way to make it cannon to the story "Old Times"

But Mikey was still a good choice. At the end of the day, it wasn't a Mirage story and Peter Laird had no involvement in it aside from him and Kevin brainstorming it back in 1987.
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Old 01-10-2023, 01:44 PM   #5
The Turtle Terminator
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I expected it to be Donatello, however I agree with it being Michelangelo. He was the heart of the team and I'm happy with the story we ended up getting. I would have expected it to be Donatello if Laird had involvement, as I agree he is the most underappreciated member of the team. We did (sort of) get a story like this from Same as it Never Was from the 2003 series for Donnie, so it is good Mikey got a version of the story.
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Old 01-10-2023, 02:39 PM   #6
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Mikey being who he usually is making him supposedly an unexpected choice actually made him a very predictable choice, imo. Most were guessing it would turn out to be him and they were were right.

It's not a bad choice and lends a different, older twist to a character who by that point had pretty much lost all the light he once carried, making it rather tragic. (To be fair I haven't finished reading it yet.)

However, I think the least expected one would have actually been Donnie. And as much as I'd have loved that my beloved boy Leo would have been it, I'd have most supported it being Donnie, since Leo and Raph are themselves too predictable of a choice.
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Old 01-10-2023, 09:24 PM   #7
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I honestly expected the identity of the Last Ronin to be kept ambiguous until the end, sort of a "It's the one you wanted it to be" sort of thing. The fact that it was revealed to be Mike in issue 1 surprised me.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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