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Old 08-03-2022, 09:16 AM   #941
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"Game Stability Patch" live for all platforms:

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Old 08-03-2022, 11:38 AM   #942
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I should probably finish the game as everyone before my Gamepass trial ends! I haven't played in a bit, not out of any distaste/bore of the game, but just because I've had other stuff going on :/
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Old 08-03-2022, 04:06 PM   #943
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I just updated the game on my system.
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Old 08-10-2022, 05:07 AM   #944
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Finally got to play. It’s tough on your own but fun, got to level 6 with April in arcade mode for my first time on medium.
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Old 08-10-2022, 05:13 PM   #945
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Still waiting for that standard physical to ship
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