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Coola Yagami
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What if the Archie comics kept goin?

I kinda wish the DW or hell, even the older Archie comic stuck around. I mean... had the Archies kept goin, would they have eventually introduced Lord Dregg? Venus? Hun and the new Foot symbol once the 2K3 series hit? I mean, due to the popularity of Karai in the new series, we might have finally seen Karai in the Archie comics battling against the more 80-ish turtles... or hell, would the turtles' attitudes change to reflect the new cartoon? Would some issue have had Shredder or someone destroy the Turtle Van to give Don an excuse to make the Battle Shell? Or would they have had some kind of TMNT embargo when suddenly all the mutants and such from the old show would suddenly vanish after certain number of issues to bring in the 2K3 cast? This reminds me of the STILL ongoing Sonic comic in which it was first based on Sonic 1-3 and the cartoons aired at the time... then basically went on doing whatever it wanted during the Sonic hiatus making up ner characters galore... and then started crammin in all the newer cast once the Sonic Adventures games hit.
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