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It's the new "feminism".

Just like "feminists", they don't actually want "equality". They want a blend of "dominance" and "revenge".

Which is not even close to the same thing as "equality". But "we just want equality" sounds a lot nicer and more fair. Saying "We want preferential treatment and also to get back at anyone who ever made our lives difficult" sounds transparently selfish. Mostly because it is.

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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
LGBTQ: "We demand equal rights in all things, everywhere always! Except... movies and fiction, where we are not allowed to be harmed, ever!"
"And we always should be portrayed as good guys, with no flaws whatsoever...and everyone should worship our characters, like they are the best characters ever created!"

**** them. They don't understand anything, including what makes a good story or good characters.
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