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Shameless plug-in, my own playthrough of Castlevania:

The game is difficult, but when you know what weapon to use where and learn what the game will throw at you, it becomes significantly easier.

But overall I'd say TMNT'89 is much easier and "fair". Very few instant kill bottom pits, you can constantly renew pizzas to get your lives back and even rescue captured Turtles. Jumping physics are much better and if you low on life you can switch to another turtle until you get to the pizzas.
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Why did you stop to make these playthroughs, (Shadow)Sumac)?

Here's an honest review of the DOS version of the 1989 Turtles game:

I really like this guy's channel.
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When I was a kid I didn't see muc discussion of NES TMNT online other than the occasional "decent game but hard as hell!" comment.

Then AVGN made his review of it and suddenly it became cool on the Internet to absolutely hate it and consider it one of the worst games ever made.

And, some years ago, it seems like people began to view the game more rationally again... and some even went as far as considering it a hidden gem, which is a bit of an exaggeration.

NES TMNT is, imo, essentially a great concept on paper that ended up as a mediocre game with some flaws that knocked its quality and enjoyability down in practice. Particularly those faulty jump controls.

Most people who have grown up playing NES TMNT haven't beaten it. It's fine for a game to be hard if it's a well-functioning game like the Mega Man series, but NOT if said difficulty is a consequence of the faulty controls and gameplay like TMNT NES.
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I agree with almost everything said.
I remember trying Arcade Attack like for 5 minutes and being so bored that never tried it again.
Can't talk about the 2000s turtle console games since i've never played them. i did played the handheld ones, GBA and DS, and they are fine. Not very memorable, but good games nevertheless. Although if they'd come out when i was a child i would've played the heck out of them, i believe.
The first GB games were bland, except for Radical Rescue, which ironically never finished.
Smash up definitely not the worst, but a huge disappointment. Could've been so much and ended it up being so little. What a shame.

But, all that aside, this, THIS, hurt so much:
Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
If it weren't for "Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six" for NES I think it would be the most hated game in my collection.
Just kidding i know it's not a good game, but once you learn how to actually use those faulty controls, it becomes somewhat enjoyable. Something a kid with a LOT of time in his hands is only capable of doing.
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Old 03-10-2021, 08:08 PM   #65
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I had good memories of "Sinister Six", somehow. I know for a fact as a kid I beat it, and I was looking forward to playing it again until I actually did a few months ago. Just f*ckin' brutal! I had like, no games as a kid so I used to stretch those rentals down to the last minute, that's the only way I figure I put enough time into that piece of sh*t to ever finish it. Never again, I got stuff to do.

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Haha, i don't think i could finish it today either, specially the last levels.
OH MAN! i just remembered i had the uncanny xmen for NES too. Talk about bad games and disappointment. Why would anyone in his right mind think THAT game was going to be ANYTHING like the arcade? So young, so innocent. Anyway, of course i learnt how to play it anyways and finished it...
Spiderman i can still appreciate it, xmen hell no.
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Even Kevin Eastman cannot get past the dam level!
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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post

Even Kevin Eastman cannot get past the dam level!
Huh... even as a kid, I often beat that level. It's everything AFTER that level that gave me a hard time.
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