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Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
I highly doubt this. The next game Sonic Lost World is more so Sonic X-treme, which fits, but using a cancelled storyline and character in a cartoon for todays audience would be kinda pointless.

Besides doesn't the news article say its focusing on the core group with Amy the only female?
I guess you are right. I thought it could be but it doesn't look like it after my second read.

Yes they say in the article to avoid to repeating other Sonic cartoons they will focus on the core characters.

Before Sonic x-treme was in development, Sega Technical Institute pitched a game for i think the Sega 32x that was based on the Sonic SatAM but it was turned down. Read this.

Here is the youtube footage of that game I think. I can't check the video on my phone.
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