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Big Boss
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Fans like me are going to expect a "who's who" of Marvel characters in a show like this. I hope they take that into account.

On a side note, I think both the press and actors need to hop off the **** of this need to talk about upcoming cameos. Yes, Luke Skywalker was cool, in part because we didn't expect it.
The press needs to stop trying to spoil it. They are putting the actors in a tough position when they ask "is there anything as cool as the Luke cameo in this show??"
Even if they reveal the truth, it only makes the moment less special.
The actors aren't inclined to answer "Nope. Nothing that mindblowing, but the story is good!"
Therefore, the press know they will get some sort of tease they can make clickbait out of.

Neither "cameo" from either MCU show has been worth the hype that has been generated online. So please let the show play out organically, and when someone pops up we can actually enjoy it rather than be disappointed that it's not Robert Downey Jr or Wolverine.
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I Married a Duck!
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Oh, I dunno, I'd say Madame Hydra chatting up the new Cap was a pretty big deal, both for future possibilities storywise, and for character intro reasons. That wasn't so much about who was playing her, as WHO she was playing! And I'm going to repeat myself here, but I called it weeks ago- US Agent will be the MCU's version of the "Hydra Cap" story. Just so they can use that idea without tarnishing the rep of the REAL Cap....
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Big Boss
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I respect that the cameo worked on that level for you, but I still think the hype does it a disservice. I suppose if I keep my own expectations in check, there is nothing to worry about, but at the same time, I get annoyed with the press constantly rallying it up.
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