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To this day I'm not sure why Final Crisis is supposed to be so confusing.

Anyone who ignored Countdown and made sure to read "Superman Beyond: 3D" should be perfectly fine. I know that DC didn't specifically market SB3D as being essential to the event or anything, but given that it's been over ten years by now I don't see how anyone reading it Today would have any problem with following it.

The only thing that muddied it up, in my opinion, was that Countdown was sold as being "important", and it wasn't, and furthermore none of the tie-in mini-series really mattered much, either. Given that DC kept insisting that those books WERE important, if a person read all of those books and then went into the main Final Crisis series expecting any of that stuff to matter or pay off I can see them being a bit lost, expecting payoffs that weren't coming and whatnot.

But just reading the main mini-series along with SB3D, as it's supposed to be read, I really don't see any issues with it.

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Final Crisis is fine, I agree. I think a solid portion of it would have been pulled for Snyder's JL sequels if they'd been made (hell, the intended death of Batman was probably one such idea)
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