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This little beauty came in the mail today!


This thing is AWESOME! I've seen pics of it out of the package and I can't wait to get it in my hands, maybe tomorrow. But man, this is on another level. For one thing, there's not a ton of Liger figures that exist, anyway, let alone in this scale with that much articulation - lots of Japanese wrestling figures are of the "rubber statue" variety and thus so are most Liger figures - but this thing's got all the swappable hands and such, and even has his cape and harness. Such a slick piece of work!

About $75, I think, but again, there's hardly any Liger figures, AND he just retired, so there won't be too many more in the near future and ALL of them will be Collector's Items. So this one's a bargain at any price and guaranteed to only skyrocket in price. It's rare I'll spend that much on a non-Hogan figure, especially something brand new like this, but under the circumstances I feel like it's a no-brainer.

They have an awesome Black Costume variant but I'm not made of money. I'd love it, though.

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