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Rise’s demand is 19 times higher than average tv series in US last month

Rise TMNT audience demand is 18.7 times higher than the demand of an average TV series in the US in the last 30 days.
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Monty Mole
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How? Are they bots or something?
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The kids & adults love them turtle boys so much they want more apparently. After the very excellent Rise movie on Netflix, couldn’t blame them.
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Originally Posted by Monty Mole View Post
How? Are they bots or something?
Right... So how do I put this?...

Yes it's true that bots could be behind this, though it seems a bit doubtful that Nickelodeon would be interested in faking popularity for a show they cancelled three years ago and are currently developing a reboot. Another possibility for bots is that a few people outside of Nickelodeon want to boost the perceived popularity for the show for some reason, which also seems a bit far fetched.

I said it before but most of the criticisms aimed towards this show mainly focus on the lack of connection to previous TMNT material (which is a bit ironic, given how many TMNT fans like to pretend the franchise originated with the Fred Wolf cartoon which is itself an extremely loose adaptation), rather than objective problems with the show. It's true that there are some objective problems with the show, like questionable world building and characters just kind of fading away, though there's not really anything that makes it objectively worse than the 2012 show for example. Seriously, aside from criticisms about adaption and general disagreements about what a TMNT show should contain, I can't think of many criticisms that don't also apply to the 2012 show. The best one I can think of is that the 2012 show can slow down sometimes due to the longer episodes, it never really had to be as compressed as Rise, but that really is best thing I can say when trying to make the 2012 show look like the better one, virtually anything else is either too minor to care about, obviously subjective or shared between the shows.

Then there is the matter of what can be considered the good qualities of Rise... It's well animated, there is plenty of creative imagery and some of the humor is funny. Obviously I still don't agree with Splinter being Yoshi, the Turtles having bombastic powers, Raph pretending to be the leader, the underground Yokai city, Casey Jones being mostly represented as a weird crackhead or many of the other things I wish TMNT would never do but that's mostly me being annoyed about the show arbitrarily doing things differently from what I wanted. It's not exactly hard to see why people from the outside coming in and liking the show.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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I think the main reason is a lot of people never knew this show existed, it wasn't advertised much and got canceled in 2 years so this is the first time they're seeing this. After the 2012 cartoon ended a lot of kids moved on from the franchise and a lot probably never watched Rise or just checked out the first episode and moved on.
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Like picking up a lottery ticket found in a parking lot with last night's winning numbers, but the ticket was from two months ago. Ya chose wrong, your timing was bad, it's in the past, and doesn't matter at all and no amount of yelling about it being a winner is gonna make it true.
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