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Originally Posted by jorgovan21 View Post
It's definitely imperVium...
That's the way I always heard it pronounced too. I just let it slide since he was on a roll.
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In what part of Turtle Tracks does Mikey utter ''Cowbunga!'' for the first time?
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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
In what part of Turtle Tracks does Mikey utter ''Cowbunga!'' for the first time?
I think it's in the flooding Foot HQ. When he's surfing on the water cooler.

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This is quite an extensive guide you have there, Jester.
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what a wonderful thread!!!!
the best thread since sliced bread!

(i hate that saying but it rhymed)

awesome job guys! makes me feel glad i joined this site years ago for fun reads like this!
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Originally Posted by pannoni1 View Post
4. Raphael tells Agatha that she was a pole vault gold medalist in the 1952 Olympics. Agatha says she won in 1956 In the actual 1956 Olympics, the gold medalist was Bob Richards and there was not yet a competition yet for women.
It wasn't introduced until Sydney 2000. She either tells a lie, or travelled to Melbourne disguised as Bob Richards (locking the real Bob Richards up inside the changing room before competition, or inside the cargo hold of a ship or aeorplane on the way to Australia) and won.

Or maybe she participated in an unofficial womens competition in Melbourne during 1956, unofficially refered to as "Olympic Summer Games".
Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers already do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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Originally Posted by pannoni1 View Post
Episode 107: My Brother, the Bad Guy
Written by: Dennis O'Flaherty

Voice Cast:
James Avery: Shredder
Cam Clarke: Leonardo, Rocksteady
Townsend Coleman: Michelangelo
Jim Cummings: Kojima Brothers
Pat Fraley: Krang, Kazuo Saki, Mr. Reilly
Barry Gordon: Donatello, Bebop
Renae Jacobs: April O’Neil
Rob Paulsen: Raphael
Peter Renaday: Splinter, Vernon Fenwick
Unknown Voice Actor: Ninja Museum Policemen, Kazuo Saki's Identification Device Voice

1. Beginning with this episode and continuing with all CBS episodes through Season 7, Rob Paulsen's last name in the credits is incorrectly spelled "Paulson".
2. Rocksteady's dagger is missing from his back when he and Bebop are firing their guns at the police from the university window as Donatello watches them.
3. Given that in Japanese naming conventions that the last name comes before the first name, Shredder's brother's last name is Saki instead of Oroku.
4. When Michelangelo says "come on!" during Vernon's news report, his mouth doesn't move.

Catchphrase/Insult Countdown:
1. After the Turtlecom conversation with April, Donatello wonders what Tin Grin is up to.
2. Shredder calls Rocksteady and Bebop imbeciles at the electronics factory when we first see him there.
3. Shredder calls Rocksteady and Bebop when they fight over the lever on what they suspected to be an arcade machine.
4. Shredder calls Rocksteady a fool when he instructs him to pull the sheet off of the Kojima Brothers' Holograms.
5. Bebop says "Mama" when Shredder reveals the holograms.
6. Krang says "what about those blasted Turtles" during his Com-link conversation with Shredder.
7. Shredder tells the Kojima Brothers inside the electronics hideout to destroy the Turtles.
8. The Kojima Brothers say in unison "Destroy the Turtles" when they encounter them in the sewers.
9. Leonardo says "Turtles, Fight with Honor" after Kazuo explains that its his responsibility to arrest Shredder.
10. The Kojuma Brothers say "Destroy the Turtles" right after the second commercial break.
11. Leonardo, Raphael, and Michelangelo say "Turtle Power" after Splinter tells them to fight with honor during the hologram battle.
12. After the Kojima Brothers are defeated and the Turtles head after Shredder, they all says "Let's Kick Some Shell!"
13. Krang calls Shredder a bucket brain when he sees that the Technodrome is sinking deeper into the lava. In response, Shredder calls Krang a nasty little hump of ganglia.
14. Shredder calls Kazuo a brat after he knocks away his gun that he was about to fire at the Turtles.
15. Shredder calls Kazuo a soft-hearted wimp when Kazuo challenges him to a fight at the fusion plant and throws him back through the portal.

Pizza References:
1. After Donatello shows Michelangelo his snack machine, Michelangelo asks him if he is sure he doesn't want him to go for pizza.
2. Rocksteady said that in the sewers that a good place to place the Hologram Projector is near Vinnie's Pizzeria.
3. Michelangelo says that he still sprouts for pizza at the end of the episode, instead of the sushi that Splinter offers.

Pop Culture References:
1. The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force flag is seen in this episode.
2. The Kurokuwa-shu originally appeared in the manga Lone Wolf and Cub, written by Kazuo Koike.
3. When Rocksteady and Bebop head off to take the Hologram Projector into the sewers, Shredder says that it will be "finders weepers", a parody on the expression "Finders Keepers" which is also the name of several films and a Nickelodeon Game show in the late 1980s.
4. Rocksteady's line of "come and get me copper" is a tribute to James Cagney in the 1949 film White Heat. Rocksteady also says that he heard it in a movie once. After Rocksteady ducks from a laser, Bebop says that they must have seen the same movie.

Fourth Wall Breaking Humor:
1. After the Turtles and Kazuo Saki agree that Shredder is behind the theft, Raphael asks if TV has commercials.
2. Rocksteady says that he always wanted to say the line "come and get me coppers."

Wacky Inventions:
1. Shredder's getaway van
2. The Giant Magnet
3. Lieutenant Saki's Identification Device
4. Hologram Projector
5. Donatello's Snack Machine
6. The Kojima Brothers Holograms

Shredder handcuffs Kazuo to a pole in the fusion power plant.

1. Final appearance of the Dimension X Asteroid.
2. For the first time in this series, the Technodrome changes its location early in the season rather than at the finale.
3. First episode that takes place in real time in Japan; Turtle Tracks and Blast From the Past featured flashback scenes.
4. First episode of Season 5 that aired on CBS Saturday Morning. The two-part episode Planet of the Turtleoids was shown as a primetime special on CBS prior to this episode, but since the Technodrome is already established in the Arctic, that is not the first episode in the current canon of this season.
5. The second introduction sequence returns, and will continue to be used until the European Vacation episodes.
6. During the closing credits, the theme is slightly shortened at the end in order to make way for a musical stinger over the MWS logo, which consists of seven notes, with the sixth note longer than the others.
7. Showing how weak Bebop's memory is, he asks what a hologram is to Shredder like he completely forgot the concept from the episode Cowabunga, Shredhead. Splinter, however, recalls the events of that episode telling Kazuo Saki that the last time that Shredder used holograms, he was planning to kidnap the President.

Episode 108: Michelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko
Written by: Gary Greenfield

Voice Cast:
Greg Berg: Sluggo
Cam Clarke: Leonardo, Basher
Townsend Coleman: Michelangelo, First Army Officer
Pat Fraley: Police Chief
Barry Gordon: Donatello
Renae Jacobs: April O’Neil
Rob Paulsen: Raphael
Peter Renaday: Splinter, Mr. X
Unknown Voice Actor: Mondo Gecko

The truck hijacking news got out so quickly. It was out in the middle of nowhere, but April's on the case shortly after.

Catchphrase/Insult Countdown:
1. Basher calls Michelangelo "fishfood breath".
2. As Basher smashes Michelangelo's Turtlecom, he calls him a shellback.
3. Mondo Gecko calls Basher a cheesehead and a dweeb as he betrays them.
4. Mr. X calls Basher and Sluggo idiots after Mondo Gecko knocks them down. After Basher knocks over and triggers the Super Explosive, Mr. X calls him a clumsy fool.
5. Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello say "Turtle Power" when they arrive at Mr. X's hideout through the glass ceiling.
6. Michelangelo says "Cowabunga" has he protects Mondo Gecko from Mr. X's firearm.
7. April says "What a dynamite story!" when she arrives at Mr. X's hideout.
8. Michelangelo and Mondo Gecko say "Cowabunga" as the episode ends.

Pizza References:
1. Donatello explains to Michelangelo that eating lots of cream cheese pizzas before bed gives him the same nightmare.
2. After Splinter hypnotizes Michelangelo, he tells him that he senses himself alone on a desert island made completely with pizza.
3. Donatello cooks a hot oatmeal pizza and is seen eating pizza with Raphael. After Leonardo asks him where he'd last see Michelangelo, he opens the refrigerator and a stack of pizza pans is seen.
4. As Mondo Gecko threatens to fire at Michelangelo, Michelangelo tells Mr. X that he's a pizza man himself.

Pop Culture References:
1. Mr. X is also the name of the main villain of the main antagonist and final boss in the Streets of Rage video games, and are both powerful crime lords. The first game in the series was released a month before this episode first aired.
2. Devil's Mountain, Mr. X's hideout, has no such real place name on Earth. It is perhaps in reference to Devil's Peak in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fourth Wall Breaking Humor:
1. In the warehouse, Mondo Gecko says to Michelangelo that he first met him at the end of Act One, right before the first commercial break.
2. Michelangelo says "You kids might not want to watch this part" when Basher and Sluggo force the truck with Michelangelo down the mountain.
3. As Michelangelo is stranded inside the truck as it travels down the mountain, he hopes that there's a cartoon in his entire life before his eyes.
4. Michelangelo says "where have I heard that one before" as his pendant fails to work on Mondo Gecko initially.

Wacky Inventions:
1. The Super Explosive
2. Mondo Gecko's power Skateboard
3. Donatelo's Neuton Divider Tracking Device on the Turtle Blimp's controls

1. Mondo Gecko briefly kidnaps Michelangelo, hanging him upside down in the sewers.
2. Mondo Gecko kindaps Michelangelo in the warehouse by throwing a fishing net on him, and then the basher carries him off into the bed of a pickup truck.
3. The Turtles kidnap Mr. X, Sluggo, and Basher and trap them inside the hideout.

1. First appearance of Mondo Gecko.
2. Michelangelo's dream of the baby Turtles landing in the sewers on top of the ooze is different from the one shown on Turtle Tracks.
Mondo Gecko was played by John Mariano.
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fred wolf series, reference

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