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Originally Posted by The Turtle Terminator View Post
I was shocked there was never another tournament (barring Grudge Match). Would’ve been an interesting idea to have an episode set there each season for a battle episode, or even revisiting it in Fast Forward
Basically turning it into a Worlds Strongers tournament from Dragon Ball,eh?

On the Nick/Viacom era,at least we got the IDW comics. If they ever leave Namek Mutant Town.
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I would like to see Sh'Okanabo come back he was pretty cool I liked his design and powers. Plus they could either keep his original origins as an alien or given his design have him as a demon general. Would be kind of cool to see him as the main villain for an arc or if you was going to use demon Shredder maybe have him as his second in command.
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I´ll say Touch and Go, Silver Sentry and Nano.
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