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Canadian Turtle
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Looking for Fred Wolf character packs.

Hey long time no post, I’m searching for something specific for a graphics related docu project. DOES ANYONE know where I might find the character turn packs from Fred Wolf cartoon earliest episodes? Specifically I need the thugs from bebop and rocksteady’s original gang. Any thoughts??
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Don't know that I've ever seen images of the Fred Wolf-era model sheets for the Season 1 gang, but some of them were recreated for Turtles Forever:


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tOkKa archived the character art from Turtles Forever and the 4Kids show on his Flickr back when they used to be on the 4Kids.TV website. They're called "88 Pedestrians"
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Old 04-22-2021, 09:22 PM   #4
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In terms overall 1987 character production art packs including season 1 - Turtlepedia has a page with a fairly substantial collection here.

As someone who has researched Shredder's gang of punks extensively, I've yet to come across any turnarounds for Grunt, Scrag, Dumbo or Dopey. However Grunt's human form does feature in a size comparison chart from early production materials.
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I'd be interested in anything we don't already have archived at the wiki, especially Moorg/Morgue/Morg (p/k/a Granitor) so we can spell his name.

Also the Triceratons so we can figure out where NECA got "Zarax" (vs. Zorax) and Zork from.
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