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Originally Posted by frank_one View Post
Ha, the frightening Water Temple. Actually it is not that hard if you keep track of what you are doing. Ocarina is such a masterpiece, there was nothing like that in that era.
I actually just completed the Water Temple before I saw this post and am now getting ready to do the Bottom of the Well, but yeah the Water Temple can get very confusing at first if you don’t keep track of what you’re doing. But the more I play it, the easier it is to memorize where everything is.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I played (and beat) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link more than most people ever bothered to, so when I was playing Ocarina of Time and got to the fight with Dark Link or Shadow Link or whatever the f*ck his name is, I gotta admit that I marked out like a motherf*cker. That was awesome.
I’ve been playing a lot of Zelda 2 myself and beat the game many times. Yeah it was pretty cool to do another battle with that shadowy Link in the Water Temple.

I just started my first game of Link To The Past, I played it before but didn’t do much so I hope I have time to explore the game more.
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My copy of Mortal Kombat Trilogy (N64) showed up in the mail today.

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The water temple always ends up taking more time than other temples because there's always that one key I overlook.
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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
I beat the original Zelda as a kid. Funny story about that - apparently the magic sword allowed you to attack "flames" and wipe them out. I didn't know that at the time and only found out decades later from a YouTube video.

So after you beat Ganon (Ganon, right?) you are faced with a room where Zelda is in the center surrounded by a wall around her and two flame icons in the front. I guess you were supposed to hit them with your sword.
LMAO, instead I just walked up to them, took the hit and pushed "through" them in those nanoseconds of invincibility that you are given after a hit. It took me two or three pushes, but the game let me do it.

In hindsight, how funny would it have been to get all the way through that last fight, win and then die walking through fire because I had no idea that the magic sword could extinguish the flames? HAHAHAHHA but it worked, saving me from a horrific childhood experience of frustration and self-contempt. LMAO!
I don't know how I figured to use the sword on the flames to get to Zelda. I've never tried getting rid of flames with the sword anywhere else. I did once try walking through the flames to get to Zelda, and I was surprised that it worked.

Originally Posted by IMJ View Post

As for the Zelda 2 discussion - oh man. I was not a fan of that game. And then I went through this very strange and sudden phase were after owning it for like a year and never playing it, I got all absorbed by it and I either beat it or played pretty far into it, I don't even remember.

What I do remember is that the game was a drag until you unlocked Links upward and downward thrusts which really made the fight mechanics much more enjoyable. Actually now that I type this, I think I remember the game being night and day more enjoyable once you managed to get the super high jump boots or something. That sticks out in my head for some reason.
Zelda II was the first Zelda game I've ever played, and owned. I don't know why I got that first. I had gotten an NES in late 1989, and that's when the Super Mario Bros. Super Show started, and I mostly saw the Zelda cartoon that they aired on Fridays. My cousin was the one who played through the most of it though. He beat the first five dungeons. I tried to find the sixth one on my own, but that took a while. I took the game to his house one day, and he was looking through a magazine that said to play the flute at Three-Eye Rock. We were pretty close to it, and I just grabbed the controller and played the flute there, and the palace appeared. What we didn't know about though, is finding the Magic Key in New Kasuto. So we just got through doors by using the fairy spell. I finished the sixth dungeon on my own, as well as the Great Palace at the end. Defeating the Thunderbird there was a pain in the neck, but then later I realized that my attack level should have been at its zenith. I was just one level below it.

You didn't get super high jump boots in Zelda II. What you got is a spell that made you jump higher. The boots you'd get would enable you to walk on water on the overhead map.
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Originally Posted by Storm Eagle View Post
You didn't get super high jump boots in Zelda II. What you got is a spell that made you jump higher. The boots you'd get would enable you to walk on water on the overhead map.
OMG that's right man.... lmao the boots and you could walk over the lakes and get the heart containers in the middle and whatnot. LMAO!
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