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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by FrederikWolferson View Post
From what I understand- Renet and Savanti are the same characters between Mirage and IDW comics. Anything else is a bit trickier.
At least that makes sense since the IDW Savanti was shown fighting off the Mirage TMNT before he ended up in the IDW-verse.

The cartoons are a bit tricky, especially since they're mostly retellings. That would mean Renet stopped Savanti's similar schemes different times with different sets of turtles each time, as well as her body changing and adapting to whichever version of the turtles she's with.

And also that means that not only has Savanti teamed up with IDW Bebop and Rocksteady, but he also teamed up with all of Universal's monsters.
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Foot Elite
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Can the turtles contact Renet? We know by Mirage Vol.4 she gives April a device to contact her but in the 2003 animated series there doesn't seem to be a way for the turtles to contact Splinter or Lord Simultaneous.

As for why she didn't see that they were in the wrong time and help them out well as it's stated here it's implied the turtles were supposed to be in the year 2105. Also maybe she just wasn't paying attention after all if every time the turtles were whisked off to some other time or dimension she turned up to fix everything there wouldn't be much of a story.
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Stone Warrior
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They are stuck in the future so Playmayes can make toys based on that season
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The Big Bad
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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
It was just stupid. And aside from a few episodes, there seemed to be no urgency to return to their present time. They seemed too comfortable with their status quo, like, the hell with April and Casey and anything we might have left behind, WE'RE IN THE FUTURE BABY!

Too bad it was a kid's show. If it was something more serious, they would have done something like, they find out that April and/or Casey get killed by the Foot or Purple Dragons a week after the Turtles 'vanished' when they went to the future, so now there's urgency to return.
Why would there be urgency, though? It's time travel. Unless history is immutable (kinda sorta, in this series?) and there's a record indicating when they're meant to return, there's no reason to think that they wouldn't eventually be able to travel back to the point they left. Heck, the more time they spend ensuring the time machine works, the better the chances are that they won't be missed. And while things like homesickness (timesickness?) may be a factor--one I'd have liked to see made more of--we've seen that the turtles are quite adaptable in that regard. They weathered being stranded for three months in the Cretaceous fine, after all, and circumstances were much more pressing then.

More generally, yeah, it's one of those things you have to accept, although I don't think it's a deal-breaker or anything. It's easy enough to explain, and circumstances were such that it's easy to see why the turtles would not mind an extended stay in the future. It'd have been another thing entirely if 2105 had been in the vein of "Same as It Never Was," or even Archie comics' 2094; there, the Renet factor would be much harder to ignore.

ETA: Regarding your particular scenario, there's the issue that the show's set-up by definition means that Casey and April survive at least long enough to have children and a multi-billion dollar corporation. Unless you want to create a time snarl, it'd have to be different characters, none of which would be as effective.
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Foot Soldier
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I still wish that we got a second season of FF,since that looked a lot better then what we got.
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