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"TMNT" Episode Guide (Season 1 & 2... and 3!!!

Warning, this Episode Guide contains major spoilers for the season ahead. It may have been posted in the past, but I was unable to locate it on a search. And since the full plot synopsis get brought up from time to time, I decided to post them up. I decied to place them in their own thread, with sufficiant warning so that people that are avoiding spoilers could avoid the thread. This is the full episode guide that was released in a press release by "4Kids Entertainment". It's not the mini-synopsis featured on the official TMNT Website. Maybe we can get Krang or one of the Moderators to sticky it. Figured I'd update this, and include Season 2.

In their underground lair deep beneath the city streets, in the middle of an intense training session, the Turtles and Master Splinter are suddenly attacked by a horde of Mouser robots! These mechanical menaces chomp through everything: stone, steel — Turtles! In the course of the battle, the Mousers cause the roof of the Turtles' sewer-lair to cave in, separating our heroes from their beloved Master. Now the Turtles must abandon their home of fifteen years and find their missing master. But on the way, they have to deal with collapsed sewer tunnels, the Purple Dragon street gang, and a small army of mysterious, highly trained Ninjas! What the shell is going on around here? Can't a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle just have a normal life?!

The Turtles discover the source of the Mouser robots that trashed their old lair: Dr. Baxter Stockman — a noted technological genius/inventor, who tries to pass off the Mousers as a means to eradicate the city's rat problem. Donatello gets one of the broken Mousers working and the Turtles chase it through the sewers. Meanwhile, Stockman's lab assistant April O'Neil uncovers a secret subterranean facility where hundreds of Mousers are being manufactured and stored for some nefarious purpose. Stockman catches April and sics his Mousers on her. April escapes to the sewers, where she is rescued by the Turtles, who battle the Mousers. But once April gets a clear look at her four saviors, she faints dead away.

When April O'Neil wakes up in the Turtle's lair she has major trouble dealing with the reality of four giant talking Turtles and a Zen-master rat, but she calms down when she hears the official ORIGIN of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! They trade info and realize their common enemy is Baxter Stockman and his army of robotic Mousers, and there's only one word for their response: Mouser Mashin' Mayhem! Well, three words, actually.

Raphael is a little cooped up underground with only his brothers and Master Splinter. When Raphael almost clobbers Michelangelo in some brotherly sparring, it's pretty apparent that Raphael needs to get out — let off a little steam. But, when he meets up with Casey Jones, a vigilante erring a little to the right of justice, Raphael must face the reality of his own hothead ways. Luckily, the two hotheads learn to work together when they find themselves in a Purple Dragons' trap set specifically for Casey in the dark, desolate wilds of Central Park.

5.) NANO
When a scientist accidentally unleashes a super-powered Nanotech monster with a childlike mind, it adopts a small-time grifter as its father figure, and the mayhem begins! Their crime spree targets April's new antique shop, and the Turtles come to her rescue. But how do you stop something that rebuilds itself as fast as you bash it apart? It's a question the Turtles better answer fast, cause the Nano-matic slices, it dices, and it purees turtle soup in seconds!

The Turtles, investigating a strange blackout, discover the Foot Ninja stealing a Japanese ceremonial sword from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The sword turns out to have incredible powers — able to create powerful vibrational shockwaves. Investigating another blackout, the Turtles discover the Foot has hooked up the sword to a high-tech cannon apparatus for some nefarious purpose. The Turtles battle more Foot Ninja, but now they must shut down the vibrational cannon, which threatens to topple a good chunk of lower Manhattan...

After Casey Jones makes himself an unwanted guest in the Turtles' lair, Raphael takes him topside for a "breath of fresh air," where they encounter the Foot Tech Ninjas — enhanced with cyber armor that makes them faster, stronger and (most deadly of all) able to cloak themselves to virtual invisibility. Raph is kidnapped and interrogated, but Casey manages to slip away and warn the other Turtles. Raph escapes his captors but, unbeknownst to him, is tailed by a squad of cloaked Foot Tech Ninjas. Will Casey and the others get to Raph in time before he leads the Foot Tech Ninja directly to the Turtles' lair?

On a nightly training run, the Turtles and Casey Jones break up a Purple Dragon robbery. One of the perps is Angel, a girl Casey knows from the neighborhood who's going through her initiation rites to become a Purple Dragon. Casey tries to stop Angel from going down the wrong path, but ends up getting captured by the Purple Dragons and offered up as the "prize" in the gang's fight club cage match competitions. It's up to Angel to bring the Turtles in to help rescue Casey. The Turtles must battle it out against the biggest, meanest Dragons, including Hun, their man-mountain of a leader

The boys have made friends with a group of homeless, and are worried when they start mysteriously disappearing into the night! Some Turtle-style detective work leads them to the Garbageman, an immense, smelly egomaniac, who is kidnapping the homeless for slave labor to build an empire on a foundation of garbage. Sounds like it's time for the Turtles to take out the trash!

Shredder attempts to convince Leonardo that the Shredder is fighting the good fight — that he's out there carrying on the great tradition of bushido and ninjitsu, and the turtles should stand with him. Leonardo is taken in and almost convinces the others until Splinter reveals what he knows of Shredder and Hun — mainly how they did away with Splinter's Master Yoshi. Leonardo realizes he's been fooled — and, it's never a good idea to fool a turtle — at least not a teenage mutant ninja one...

Our four turtles stand facing their most formidable foe to date — the Shredder. Battle weary, the turtles cannot stand against the Shredder and manage to slip away — getting separated in the process. Can they survive apart? Can they get back together in time to save themselves and face the Shredder? Maybe — with Master Splinter there to guide them...

Believing the Turtles can accomplish so much more for the city, and inspired by iconic superhero Silver Sentry, Michelangelo decides to take a crack at being a superhero. But he soon discovers superheroism is not all it's cracked up to be. Worse still, he stumbles upon a mind-control experiment by Silver Sentry's arch nemesis Malignus — and ends up battling for his very life against the Malignus-controlled Silver Sentry.

When Don's examination of some mysterious crystals attracts the attention of a subterranean monster, the Turtles underground exploration unearths a Foot Genetics Lab! A video record of strange experiments reveals more of Shredder's mysterious agenda, but when the mutants attack, the boys better watch out, or it's — Everybody out of the gene pool!

After discovering an abandoned underground Foot Genetics Lab, and being attacked by once-human Digging Creatures, the Turtles assist those very creatures in trying to repair a Force Field to protect them against mindless beasts roaming the tunnels. But the Force Field needs a new crystal power source, and the only place to get one is by traveling deeper underground, to the seemingly haunted catacombs... where other Diggers have mysteriously vanished.

After befriending the once-human creatures in an abandoned underground Foot Genetics Lab, the Turtles join them on a journey deeper into the earth, where they come upon the ruins of a once-great subterranean city. When the Turtles and Creatures start vanishing one by one, only Michelangelo is left — and he finally finds the perpetrator — the city's lone surviving Entity. Though the Entity initially appears benevolent by restoring the creatures to their normal human selves, his true intentions become shockingly clear when he demands that they, and the Turtles, will remain in the city forever.

With all the turtles living in April's apartment, things are getting a little crazy. But, when Donatello stumbles upon a fantastic monster in the basement, things get crazier. Donatello meets up with Kirby, an artist renting April's basement apartment. Through the powers of a mysterious crystal tied to his pencil, Kirby is able to create anything he draws — including his own world, a world that he and Donatello get sucked into — where things get more and more curious.

On a training run Leo is ambushed by a major Foot attack force, including Foot Tech Ninjas, their old enemy Hun, and a new threat: the Foot Elite! At their temporary home at April's apartment, Don, Raph and Mikey wait for Leo to get back, deciding to go search for him just before Leo's limp form is hurled through the window! With his last breath before losing consciousness, he tells them that the worst has happened: the Shredder is back!

When the Foot Ninja attack April's apartment in force, the Turtles fight against overwhelming odds to get the wounded Leo to safety. Even the fun-lovin' Casey finds it hard to crack wise when first Hun and then the Shredder raise the stakes, ultimately trapping our heroes in the burning Antique Shop with no way out! Whew!

The Turtles, Splinter, Casey and April just barely manage to escape from the explosion that destroys the antique store. They hit the road and hide out at Casey's grandmother's old farmhouse, but Leonardo is badly wounded, drifting in an out of consciousness. As he lies unconscious, the Turtles and Splinter tell tales of Leonardo's early adventures, using the stories to help guide him back to consciousness.

Still recuperating up at Casey's grandmother's farm, the turtles are feeling the sting of boredom. Luckily, a scientist known as the "Monster Hunter" has come to the area searching for a legendary monster — a legend rekindled by the sighting of a green monster lurking in the woods. ("I told you guys to stay out of the woods.") But, with Casey Jones tagging along, Michelangelo and Donatello decide to have a little fun with the Monster Hunter while Leonardo forges new swords with the help of Raphael. It all becomes a bit odd when the boys find some other large green creature besides themselves lurking about. Can they survive both monster and Monster Hunter?

The Turtles return to New York (as the title might suggest) with one goal in mind: to destroy the Shredder once and for all. With April providing remote computer assistance from the lair, the Turtles begin their assault on the Foot HQ skyscraper, fighting their way to the top floor by floor. But first they must overcome an army of Foot Ninja Guards and the deadly cloaking Foot Tech Ninja. But no one is quite prepared for what they encounter inside a Foot Genetics lab...

The Turtles and Splinter continue to fight their way up through the Foot Headquarters skyscraper, facing down three misshapen Mutant Shredder Clones, a hallway of traps, and never-before-seen supernatural foes known as the Mystic Ninja. Finally, they reach their goal: the top floor and Shredder's throne room. But first they must confront Shredder's deadly Foot Elite Ninja. But things really get out of hand when Stockman, in a souped-up exo-suit, crashes the party — literally

With Stockman showing up in the middle of the final battle between our heroes and the Shredder, everything is thrown into chaos — so much so that our heroes must temporarily join forces with the Shredder and Hun to defeat Stockman before he annihilates them all. But, once Stockman is finished off, the final fight continues. Facing this ultimate challenge high atop the Shredder's skyscraper, can our turtles emerge victorious?! Regardless, it promises to be a fight to the finish — or so it seems.

With Splinter mysteriously vanished last episode, the Turtles are feeling frustrated, not knowing where to start looking for him. Impatient with strategizing, Raph heads off on his own, and runs into a solo adventure involving a kid pursued by mobsters. Initially butting heads, Raph and the kid hammer out a trusting relationship just in time to rescue the kid's mother.

After the frustrated Turtles exhaust their search for Splinter, their suspicions turn to the Guardians, and the trail soon leads them to a non-descript building, the initials of its company name spelling out "TCRI" — the same letters stamped onto the canister of ooze responsible for their mutation. Now with two reasons to infiltrate that building, the Turtles recruit both April and Casey to help get them inside.

The Turtles successfully infiltrate the mysterious TCRI Building, where they manage to sneak into its inner sanctum, and locate the unconscious Splinter inside a stasis tank. But they also discover that there's more to the technicians inside then meets the eye.

R.I.P. Master Splinter - Mirage Comics - May 1984 / June 2003
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Episode Guide
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wow thanks alot. That was interestong. Im excited for the last few episodes. Wow. I really hope i goes to a second season
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Not going to read it. I read few back in the day, luckily I have seen most of those episode.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Episode Guide (Season 2)

I figured I'd repost the full list here, since I did the first one so long ago. Note again that that like the first season list, it is ripe with Spoilers. Again if a moderator or Krang would like to sticky it, feel free.

27.) Turtles in Space - Part 1: The Fugatoid
Our four heroes find themselves beamed halfway across the universe to the planet D’Hoonnib and right into the middle of a police action! There, they befriend the Fugitoid, a.k.a. Professor Honeycutt, who is being pursued by the rogue military forces of General Blanque. The Turtles learn about the strange alien world they have arrived on and, most importantly, Professor Honeycutt’s back story. It seems that he too has developed a teleportation device, and that is why the military is after him. If the Turtles ever want to get home again, Professor Honeycutt, the Fugitoid, may be their only hope.

28.) Turtles in Space - Part 2: The Trouble with Triceratons
On the planet D’Hoonnib, the Turtles team up with the Fugitoid, a.k.a. Professor Honeycutt, a scientist trapped in a robot’s body, who is being pursued by the rogue military forces of General Blanque, who is after the Fugitoid’s teleportation invention. Our heroes and Honeycutt hope to procure transport off D’Hoonnib and visit a rather seedy club, but they're soon discovered. While fighting off Blanque’s forces, the Fugitoid is captured by another faction, the warlike Triceratons. The Turtles give chase to save their friend, ultimately ending up on a Triceraton ship bound for their home base!

29.) Turtles in Space - Part 3: The Big House
The Turtles are captured by the Triceratons and thrown into prison, their lives to be used as a bargaining chip to convince the Fugitoid to build his Teleportal device. While incarcerated, the TMNT meet all kinds of weird and dangerous aliens, including the hulking Rynokk, whom Raph bests in cafeteria fight (for which he is thrown into solitary). Leo, Don and Mike plot their escape and free Raph from solitary - only to be caught by the Triceraton prison guards. The Turtles are shackled once again, but instead of being returned to the prison, they are taken to fight in a gladiatorial arena!

30.) Turtles in Space - Part 4: The Arena
Welcome to the Tri-Sports Arena, filled to capacity with cheering Triceraton crowds thirsty to watch grueling combat. Where gladiators go in but never come out. Our four heroes have been sentenced to become gladiators in ruthless competition that ends only in victory or death. Will our lads be trampled into the dirt of the arena floor never to rise again or will they push their Ninjitsu skills to a higher level facing their ultimate fight for survival?

31.) Turtles in Space - Part 5: Triceraton Wars
The Turtles have made it through the prison... they’ve made it through the gladiatorial games... and now with Professor Honeycutt (the Fugitoid) safely in tow and the Prime Leader as a very important hostage, the TMNT are faced with their biggest challenge yet: getting home! To make matters worse, here come the D’Hoonibians hot on our heroes’ trail. So, caught in the middle of a shellacious space battle between the Triceratons and D’Hoonnibians, our turtle teens must protect the Fugitoid long enough for him to make the Teleportal. Only one problem - he’s never really tested it before!

32.) Secret Origins - Part 1
Back from their adventures in space, the Turtles find themselves in the headquarters of the same aliens who teleported them across the universe! The discovery of an old friend and new allies leads to a trip back through time and a major revelation about their origin! Can things get any weirder? Knowing the Turtles, the answer is... definitely!

33.) Secret Origins - Part 2
The TMNT and Splinter have taken a little trip down the Utroms’ memory lane via a high-tech virtual reality device experiencing first hand the Utroms’ crash landing on Earth and their life in feudal Japan. The only problem is the reality is no longer virtual thanks to Baxter Stockman... or what’s left of him. Our heroes find that this computer generated dream world is much more like a horrific nightmare... with very little chance that they’ll make it out alive!

34.) Secret Origins - Part 3
The Turtles and Splinter escape the Utroms' high-tech virtual reality device, only to find the Shredder and all his forces waiting for them. All shell breaks loose in yet another showdown between our heroes and the Shredder. But will the Turtles and Splinter escape before the entire TCRI building goes kablooey?

35.) Reflections
Catching up on some much needed rest, our heroes take a little trip to Casey’s grandma’s farmhouse as well as a little trip down memory lane. But, every memory is haunted by the same dark figure - the Shredder. It seems that the Shredder is very much a part of their lives... perhaps too much so... and, oddest of all, maybe even a part of the Turtles’ very origin!

36.) The Ultimate Ninja
There’s a bad dude in town and he’s looking to pick a fight. This Ultimate Ninja has come halfway across the inter-dimensional universe to battle the Shredder, defeat him and gain glory. The only problem is that someone has already defeated the Shredder... our guys with Leonardo delivering the coup de tete (literally, back in Episode 23). So now, the Ultimate Ninja has Leonardo in his sights, and this glory-seeking traveler isn’t going home without a trophy... namely the head of our young teenage mutant hero!

37.) Modern Love - The Return of Nano
The Turtles are in big trouble from a microscopic enemy when the bizarre Nano-monster returns for a rematch! When the self-replicating techno-nightmare springs his criminal “father” out of jail and goes on another rampage, it’s up to the Turtles to stop it. But how do you stop something that rebuilds itself faster than you can bash it apart?

38.) What A Croc!
The TMNT discover that they’re not alone in the sewer. The green ooze which mutated them years ago also claimed another victim - Leatherhead! Fueled by frustration, fear and blind rage, but tempered with intelligence, rationality and curiosity, will Leatherhead turn out to be a valuable ally or a formidable foe? And who is this mysterious friend he keeps talking about?

39.) Return to the Underground
The Turtles return to the ancient underground city they discovered in "Notes From the Underground" - only to find the city abandoned, its crystal moon power source missing and its human population reverted to monsters. Don has an untested serum to cure the monsters and restore them to their human form, but will he be able to use it before the monsters destroy the Turtles?

40.) City at War - Part 1
With the Shredder apparently gone, the underworld factions of the Big Apple clash for power in a gang war that threatens to tear the city apart! The Turtles were feeling pretty good about their victory over their arch enemy... until now! What can four green teens do to stop... a City at War?!

41.) City at War - Part 2
The TMNT find themselves in the middle of an escalating gang war between the remains of the Foot, the Purple Dragons and the mob (with their new ally - none other than Baxter Stockman!) Can the Turtles survive the deadly onslaught? Heck, can the city even survive the deadly onslaught?

42.) City at War - Part 3
The Turtles have their hands full fighting the mob, the Purple Dragons and what’s left of the Foot. Now, they’ve joined forces with Karai, who used to be the Shredder’s right hand “man.” Can they trust her? Well, having a whole city at war does tend to make strange bedfellows.

43.) Junklantis
Now that they’ve got a Shell Sub, the Hudson River becomes the Turtles' underwater wonderland... NOT! The junk in the riverbed is even more dangerous than the city above when the Turtles run into their old nemesis the Garbage Man, living in a fortress beneath the waves - his very own Junklantis! The trashy villain is bent on gaining wealth through underwater salvage... even if he has to create his own shipwrecks to do so!

44.) The Golden Puck
Casey Jones loves the new sport of Super Slam Hockey, it’s the pure evolution of a great game into a perfect game. But, when the legendary Golden Puck (a piece of hockey history dating back to 17th Century Holland) is stolen from the Super Slam Hockey rink in Central Park, Casey’s beyond indignant - he’s ready for action! Fearing that Casey will hurt himself (or someone else), the Turtles help our Super Slam Hockey fanatic get on the trail of the Golden Puck and the crooks that stole it. There’s only one problem with Super Slam Hockey - some days you’re the stick... and some days you’re the puck! Either way, you’re likely to get slammed... make that super slammed!

45.) Rogue in the House - Part 1
The Shredder is back... rested up... recuperated and repaired, and he has a new plan for global domination. But first, all he wants to do is exterminate the Turtles. Call it a trial run of his new ideas. New ideas... old habits; the Turtles must perish.

46.) Rogue in the House - Part 2
Shredder creates an army of Foot Mechs and sends a robotic Splinter to seek and destroy the Turtles. Our heroes overcome this mechanical menace and trace its origin right back to their old nemesis. Taking the fight to the source, the TMNT bring with them a five hundred pound wildcard we like to call Zog, a Triceraton warrior left on Earth by accident. But will this strange ally be enough to save our heroes and stop the Shredder’s plans? And is there another wild card in the mix? Will Karai keep her loyalty to the Shredder even when it goes against her sense of honor?

47.) April's Artifact
While helping set up April's rebuilt shop, the Turtles stumble across an antique puzzle cube that belonged to her father, who mysteriously disappeared a few years ago. After messing with the cube, the TMNT and April are transported to another dimension… a cruel world of giant insects. But will this journey lead April to discover what happened to her father? Will she get some closure? Or, will she and the Turtles get a little too much closure… namely, the end of their lives?

48.) Return of the Justice Force
Mikey's quest for a rare comic book leads the Turtles and Casey back to Northampton, Massachusetts where they stumble on a mystery madman's plot to kidnap all the remaining members of a now-retired super hero team known as the Justice Force. All evidence points to a former member of the team as the mastermind behind the kidnappings. But is there more to his agenda than meets the eye?

49.) The Big Brawl - Part 1
As he does every three years, Splinter mysteriously goes off leaving his four boys at home. Where he’s going, he won’t say. Unbeknownst to Splinter, the four boys are curious and follow. Soon, they find themselves traveling through a dimensional gateway and in the middle of a fight... a fight that is part of a qualifying round... which is the beginning of the Battle of the Nexus, which we lovingly refer to as the Big Brawl. I think the TMNT are asking exactly what we’re asking: what the shell is going on here?

50.) The Big Brawl - Part 2
Finding themselves in an inter-dimensional tournament, our four teenage mutant ninja turtles discover a past about Splinter they never knew... that Splinter won the tournament they’re in years ago by defeating a malignant fighter named Lord Drako. And, our heroes are about to discover that Splinter’s past is about to collide with them like a speeding freight train.

51.) The Big Brawl - Part 3
As the Battle Nexus Tournament continues, Leonardo has been poisoned and lies unconscious fighting for his life. Splinter is wrongly imprisoned for an attempt on the Daimyo's life. It looks like the Ultimate Ninja and the evil Lord Drako’s plan will come to fruition. This could be our heroes’ darkest hour …

52.) The Big Brawl - Part 4
It’s down and dirty time. Splinter is imprisoned. Leo is dying of poison. Don and Usagi Yojimbo are fighting for their lives and the life of the Daimyo against a horde of assassins. Drako is about to gain big time power by getting his paws on the Daimyo’s warstaff. And, worst of all (from Raphael’s perspective), Mikey’s poised to win the Battle Nexus Tournament and become Battle Nexus Champion. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse... or could they? Remember the bloodthirsty Triceraton Republic? You will...

R.I.P. Master Splinter - Mirage Comics - May 1984 / June 2003
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - New Episode Guide
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looks like it was copied from TVtome...
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Originally Posted by Lynxie
looks like it was copied from TVtome...
Exactly.....The whole point is so that people here can have a thread about it.
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You can always just go to The Official TMNT Website and check out all these episode spoilers in the TV section.
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Yup Jepheal, already read em' there.
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season 2 looks excellent.
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little to sci fi for the turtles if you ask me but well see if they can pull it off I mean they did in the comics right? But reading the synopsis it seems a little more so this time...
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I believe I will like this season even more than the first one.
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I'm just wondering about what they will do in Season 3? The main arcs will have all been covered!
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Well there are still stories in Mirage they haven't used, and the writers seem to have no problem of coming up with new stuff.
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I have faith in the writers. They do a damn fine job imo.
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Originally Posted by grunger_kittie
I have faith in the writers. They do a damn fine job imo.
I totally agree with ya, GK! Kudos... err, catnip to ya. The writers are doing an incredible job with adapting the Mirage comics into animated episodes. With Laird's guidance, I'm sure the third season will be just as great. Oh, and even if all of the stories in Mirage (Vol. 1) get used, there's always a few good stories in Turtle Soup or Tales of the TMNT.
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Originally Posted by azure turtle
Originally Posted by grunger_kittie
I have faith in the writers. They do a damn fine job imo.
I totally agree with ya, GK! Kudos... err, catnip to ya. The writers are doing an incredible job with adapting the Mirage comics into animated episodes. With Laird's guidance, I'm sure the third season will be just as great. Oh, and even if all of the stories in Mirage (Vol. 1) get used, there's always a few good stories in Turtle Soup or Tales of the TMNT.

Mmmmm catnip... time to make brownies!

And you raise a good point there!
I think they've got awhile to go before they start hitting a dry well with TMNT stories.
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The way the episodes are being developed leads me to beleive that the series will soon have original storylines, I mean, Shredder has been kept alive after "Return to New York" and will play a limited, yet important, role in Season 2, which will mainly feature the Triceratons and Utroms
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[joke] They could adapt the stories from Image comics. I bet LOTS of fangirls will just LOVE seeing cyborg Donnie, scar-faced Raph and amputated Leo animated and cuddling plushies of them[/joke]
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