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Questions Regarding Coming Out of Their Shells

Okay. So I wasn't old enough at the time Coming Out of Their Shells was a big deal. While I still find some of it cringeworthy, I think it has a little bit of charm. I don't hate that it exists. Yet, I'm confused. Everywhere I go, I can't seem to find the answers to a few questions I have about the tour.

First off, did anyone on here see the tour when the turtles had their original costume designs? When I mean "original," I'm referring to the ones seen in "The Making of Coming Out of Their Shells." Also, when I'm referring to those costumes, I mean the two different ones.

The costumes where they are wearing those white sneakers involves the biggest question I have - Are they wearing white socks or white leg warmers? I have been studying some of the clips, and they come off like huge puffy 1980s socks. I see no break where the green skin may show. But I can't tell, because the quality of the video isn't great.

Also, the one performance that is on the video, was that a real live performance, or was that a rehearsal? I heard kids cheering, but I saw no crowds.
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