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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
He is also Jade Cargill's personal internal massager. That's pretty exhausting work as well.
Christ, this is all I need. She's tryin'a murder Bow Wow, I don't need her on my sh*t too, dawg.

New job definitely goes overboard trying to make me feel appreciated more than any I've ever had. I'm not a mark, I get that a ton of it is because they need people and it's a demanding job. But it still feels nice to have people commend you for doing things, check to see if you're doing okay, even just making sure people take breaks and whatnot. Basically, all the bare minimum stuff I ever had to fight out loud for at any other job they do here as a matter of course.

My immediate supervisor is aware of my neck issue so it's possible they may try and rotate some of the work so I'm not stuck doing anything too damaging for an extended period of time. Today for example I was 90% on the forklift, which I love to do and while it does put some strain on my neck it's not anywhere near as bad as reaching up overhead with stuff in my hands, which was most of the last few days. Considering how hard it's been for them to find dependable people it seems like they'd rather work with and around someone's limitations rather than get rid of them outright, so that works in my favor.

The best thing about it is the stability; they've been around for almost 40 years and some of the people there have been there almost 30. So as long as you're not a chronic f*ck-up you basically have the job as long as you can handle it. Pays well and takes a lot to actually get fired. It's hard, though. Although days like today it makes the day go by super-fast, there's so much going on that like you blink and it's over.

Anyways, I'm paid to stay home the next two days, which is nice. I get 9 paid holidays, I forget how many personal days, and two weeks paid vacation which is mandatory. Some places just cut you a "bonus" check if you never take the two weeks off and just work all year instead, but this place is super concerned about people burning out so they are absolutely insistent on people making the most of their days off. That's pretty cool.

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Excluding the unobtainable BttS... 2003 DVD collection complete. And just under 3 months of hunting down copies. A Goodwill listed a copy of H.A.T.E. on eBay this morning that wasn't so outrageously costly, and guess I spotted it first.

So, yeah, if one of you guys want that copy that's currently listed for $752, it's all yours. lol (Why does that one keep increasing in price?? It was $708 when I started collecting these and have watched it continue to go up.)

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