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Originally Posted by nidza_maj2000 View Post
What do you guys think about Renet appearance in this continuity which is TMNT 1987 she never appeared in that version before, so what is your opinion about how she is portrayed in this continuity of this franchise just curious what do you guys think?
Good question. She is more similar to the older version of Renet from the 2012 show than all the other versions. I wouldn't be surprised if she is. She says she comes from the future as Renet 2012, her design is most similar to Renet 2012. But she is smarter and calmer.

This is also the first version of Renet who doesn't run away from Savanti Romero (or Lord Simultaneous) when she first appears. Funny, she doesn't even mention them and we don't know if they exist in this universe.

Interestingly, the past is now another alternate dimension. In fact, the Turtles now have a time machine. And Universe 87 now has multiple timelines. This could explain continuity errors in the show itself, such as Krang's real body or the Lord of the Flies episode.

Renet's design is quite nice and I hope we see more stories with her soon. I'd really like to see her without the helmet.
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