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My great TMNT movie vision

Hey, I don't post often here, but I wanted to get some opinions/criticism from true turtle fans. After watching the Bay turtles movies, I was inspired to write my own script that would better represent the TMNT franchise. I am a huge turtles fan (since 2003) and I want the turtles to have another great movie which is why eventually I would want to pitch this to Nick (probably impossible, but you never know).

So this is the basic framework I thought of. Have at least 4 movies with each movie focusing on a different turtle to develop their character. Do not use Shredder as the main villian in the 1st movie (build up to him). Tone should be around the TMNT 1990 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (not too dark or light). Have lots of reference to past turtles shows, comic, games etc

1st movie: Don and Stockman
2nd movie: Raph and Hun with Karai and human Bebop and Rocksteady as minor bad guys
3rd movie: Leo and Shredder
4th: Mike and Krang with Leatherhead and mutant Bebop and Rocksteady as minor bad guys

I already started a script for the first movie and can post excerpts if you want. I am very open to criticism and opinions. The plot synopsis of the 1st movie is below:

Stockman is the villain (is seen as joke by the scientific community because of his ridiculous designs (reference his robots from the cartoon like the Knucklehead), is hired by Saki to repurpose his mousers to search for "something" underground (the technadrome), Stockman greatly dislikes being an underling and plans on building a giant cerebus mouser (2013 game) to overtake Foot clan (use mousers to get equipment by robbing banks and appliances stores)

>April is Stockman's intern (IDW) and after finding out of his wrongdoing and meeting the turtles she helps the turtles get inside Stockman's lab

>Once inside the turtles are captured by the mousers after Don fails to unlock a locked door (new tech he's never seen before)

> In every single cartoon, Don is always the deus ex machinahe as he always get the turtles out of a jam which is why I wanted him to fail for once

>Don allows himself to be taken by Stockman to be dissected and manipulates Stockman into solving an impossible equation and punches him in the nose when heís distracted, saving his bros in the process

>Turtles defeat the mousers and Stockman brings out the cerebus mouser. April finds the weakness of it and turtles steal Stockman van (80s cartoon) to escape.

>Stockman is brought in front of Saki. Stockman tries to assassinate Saki with his new body armor, but is defeated by one of Sakiís gauntlets.

>Even though Stockman failed, Saki was able to get in contact with Krang
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