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Random Punk
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H/ New and Vintage W/ G1 TF, PP

If you don't see what you are looking for please ask because I may have it and just haven had time to post it yet. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay and great feedback here assuming it didn't get deleted in snap. Reasonable offers only please. First come, first serve and the more you buy the better deal I can give you. Most items are retail +10% unless noted otherwise. Some below retail, just ask. Priority shipping only and based on location, free shipping box with every purchase. Thanks for looking. All figures are MISB/MIOB

I think I have everyone ID'd from the pictures. All figures will come with corresponding weapons, card back, and file cards if I have them. Please see pictures and feel free to ask questions. thanks

Splinter/Baxter -50
Roadkill Rodney/Triceraton - 30
Metalhead - 30

Splinter 35
Foot Solider 40
Shredder 40
Casey/Raph 2 Pack 70
SotO Tokka and Rahzar 2 Pack 130


Mezco Lone Roach and Grub MIOB - $340 (price paid on ebay in 2020)
Mezco Gaslight Joker - 110
Mezco Supreme Knight Batman Shadow Edition 190
Mezco Krig the Pale Driver 65


Megatron Complete very good condition 200
Soundwave w/ Ravage complete w/ instructions and missiles 125
Chop Shop complete w/ Box but has a broken leg 100
Ramjet w/ Box complete 150
Smoke Screen w/ Box for parts 35
Preceptor w/ Box 75

Some loose parts figures
Hot Spot
Hoist TRU Re-issue
Inferno missing 1 rear wheel

Bandai Dynaman 6" Complete with missile, sword and shield - 50

Robo Strux / Zoids Lot - 60
All look complete and everything works except for Reptex's motor

Other Modern Toy Lines
MP-23 Exhaust - 75 Not KO

3.75 DROIDS Cartoon Set - 55 w/ Free Shipping (Selling as a set only)
Boba Fett (Excellent Card)
R2 (Card is beat up)
C3PO Excellent Card)

Star Wars Black Series
Obi-Wan ep3 RoS 15
Luke Bespin 18

Rey & BB8 15
Ello Asty 15
Death Trooper 15
Darth Revan 25
Chirrut Imwe 10
Baze Malbus 10
Imperial Royal Guard 22
Captain Rex 90
Range Trooper 15
Rio Durant 18
Mandalorian 18
Second Sister 35
Offworld Jawa 15
Anakin AotC 22
Wedge Antilles 15
Count Dooku 30
Obi_Wan Kenobi Jedi Knight 30

Plo Koon 40
Kit Fisto 30

ROTJ Teebo 40
ROTJ Leia Endor 10
ROTJ Luke Endor 30
ROJ Han Endor 20
Mandalorian Mando Beskar 20
Incinerator Trooper Mando 18
The Mandalorian Armorer 10

Jar Jar Binks TPM 15
Cad Bane CW 30

40th ESB Vintage Card 150 shipped for the lot
ESB 40th Bespin Luke
ESB 40th R2
ESB 40th Hoth Rebel Trooper
ESB 40th Lando
ESB 40th Snowspeeder Luke
ESB 40th Han in Carbonite
ESB 40th Boba Fett

Rebels Crew - 250 For the lot
Ezra - Updated Paint Apps
Hera - Updated Paint Apps
Kanan - Updated Paint Apps
Sabine - Updated Paint Apps
Ashoka Rebels Release

ESB Probe Droid 25
General Grevious 25
Luke Skywalker Comic 18
Heavy Infantry Mandalorian 25

Boba Fett Prototype Armor 30 (Walgreens)
Astromech Droid 3 Pack 70 (TRU)
C3PO ep4 ANH 20 (Walgreens)
Obi Wan Force Ghost 20 (Walgreens)
Gamorrean Guard 30
Mimban Stormtrooper 30
Leia Bespin 28
Storm Trooper Luke (Garbage Shute) 20
Clone Commander Obi-Wan 70
Vintage Card ESB 4-LOM/Zuckuss 40
Hondo Ohnaka Galaxy's Edge 25

Mountain Trooper Galaxy's Edge 25
Gaming Greats Heavy Battle Droid 30
Cad Bane/TODO 360 Pulse Ex 95
CW Card Clone Commander Kenobi 45
IG-11 20
Mandalorian w/ Child 45

Archive Series
IG88 25 - Loose
Yoda 35
Tuskin Raider 40
Commander Cody 20

Marvel Legends Hasbro. All are complete and lose unless noted other wise.
Take all ML's listed for a group rate of $515.00 w/ free shipping, which brings all figures down to an average of $19.80/each.

Spiderman Black Suit Pizza Body 20
Spider Girl B&W Suit 20
Spiderman Noir 50
Mary Jane from 2 TRU Pack 40 SOLD
Spiderman PS Game Version 20
Frogman 20
Green Goblin SOLD
Shocker 10
Mysterio 20
Rhino BAF 60
Sandman BAF SOLD
Classic Kraven from 2pack SOLD
Peter B Parker ITSV 25
Spider Gwen ITSV 25
Spiderman Noir ITSV 35 SOLD
Prowler ITSV 30
Miles Morals ITSV 35

Wolverine Brown Costume 30 SOLD
Wolverine Yellow Costume 15
Old Man Logan 10
Cyclops Jim Lee 20 SOLD
Mohawk Storm 40 SOLD
Gladiator SOLD
Logan/Hawkeye 2 Pack - MISB 30
Storm/Thunderbird 2 Pack - MISB 35
Cable 30 SOLD
90's Deadpool 20
Apoclapyse BAF 75
Sauron BAF 100
Mojo Deluxe 35 SOLD
Shang Chi 15
Punisher 20 SOLD
Daredevil 20 SOLD
Kingpin BAF 80
Bullseye 40 SOLD
Hand Ninja 15 SOLD
Beta Ray Bill 20
Captain America 80th Ann. Ver 30 SOLD
Captain America Wolf Cap 10
Hulk Green 80th Ann. Ver 40 SOLD
Classic Thor 80th Ann. Ver 20 SOLD
Classic Winter Solider 18
Black Widow Grey Walmart EX 20
Iron Man 80th Ann. Ver Gold/Red 30 SOLD
Classic Ironman Yellow/Red 20
Modok - MISB 25
Ultron 30 SOLD
Dr Strange Classic 2022 Walmart Ex Version SOLD
Stilt Man BAF 35 SOLD

Collect SWBS and ML let me know what you have

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Random Punk
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 35

Sold some items, but still plenty left.
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