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Post What happened between Fred wolf and mirage

Peter and Kevin claimed they demanded and had full creative right over the tmnt derivations, but somehow the Fredwolf cartoon would and could create its own isolated and tonally dissident broader cast of characters and mythology outside of using loosely the earliest issues for the first year miniseries, that would supplant the actual comics in broader official media until the 1990 movie , and when Pete bought out Kevin he barred those things from use in 2k3 even though admittedly using some of the Archie stuff could’ve helped That show out allot, and when Pete sold to nick things began switching in the other direction again,and then there’s the lawsuit back in the day so in all curiosity what happened, I heard mirage sent playmates a character packet detailing a core mythos and cast of characters of so why did this hostility come in to place how could have. Oh additionally all the stuff David wise stated over the years
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