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Shiro Kame
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RP Ideas

Well, to resolve our RP issues, I've decided to put this thread up so that we can post all our ideas and then vote on which one to do. After we do the most popular RP, we will then have another poll minus the last RP we did, and the cycle will continue.


1. Do not repost the same RP in this thread twice
2. One RP idea per post. That way we can easily sort the RPs out more.
3. Please no spam. Also, just ideas here. The RPs will be voted in another thread.
4. Once an RP has won, then please post "DONE" near the title of your RP
5. The same person can post multiple ideas as long as they're not the same
6. State the rules of the RP in your post. Don't be vague about them!
7. Plots should be semi vague and not describing specific acts within the plot, just what the cause is.
8. If you want to use an RP plot you already used in past, but it ended up turning out badly, or it went on hiatus too long, you can still post the idea here.
9. Everyone here has a week to submit ideas. After that, the polling will start, and after another week, the game will be decided. As soon as all the games are over, we will do another Idea thread so that the cycle can begin anew.

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