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Originally Posted by Shark_Blade View Post
Replaying this as I’m waiting for Shredder’s Revenge Usagi Yojimbo dlc.

Damn we really need 2k3 collection too.
I remember reading that if either this collection sells well or if there's demand for it, there could be a collection for the 2k3 games. Let's hope because it'll make these games more accessible.
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I am trying to go ahead and get my family's old Nintendo GameCube running in my office because I found our old copy of Battle Nexus we had, haha.

I adored the first 2K3 game on PS2 and my brother and I played the **** out of it so much, but I guess these would be all the games included right? It's not like how it was in the NES/SEGA/SNES days when the games all felt radically different. I'd obviously pick it up, but it doesn't feel as expansive as the Cowabunga Collection is.

Which speaking of, I love that collection so much and am so glad it exists. Love going back to it and playing through the games.

I know the head of production over at Digital Eclipse said there was something they were working on that was a big one, so I wonder what that could be.
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Finally bought it for my Birthday.
Worth it for some enhancements and cool concept art from the behind-the-scenes section.
TF in particular is basically a guide how to draw characters.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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