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Rabbit Kraken Zeo
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Hey Y'all! Brand New!

Hey everybody!!!! Newbie here.

Big fan of the ninja turtles; one thing I'd like to point out is how many of you used to listen to the TMNT Adventures? My goodness those were the days; some of them were kind of scary and freaky to listen to hehehe. I love Krang and I enjoyed the 2012 series reboot but nothing comes close to 87' series of the show. Favorite episode was cowabunga shredhead.

I hope to meet everyone soon;

Thank you so much for the add to this wonderful magical place!!!

Turtle Power!!!!
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Jedi Master
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Well, I do share your bias. The 1987 cartoon is the top of the mountain.

Yes, I had all 3 tape cassettes. Ah, the memories!

I like your unique name.
Michelangelo: This looks like a job for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
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Old 02-10-2021, 04:31 AM   #3
Mad Scientist
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Welcome. Nice to see new faces around here.

The 2003 series is my favourite, but I still like 1987. Some episodes are actually more enjoyable to me as an adult, as a lot of the humour such as Raphael’s sarcastic remarks and the banter between Shredder and Krang went over my head as a kid. I have to be in the mood for watching it, though. 03 I can watch no matter what mood I’m in.
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Original TMNT Cartoon Fan
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Welcome into the Technodrome
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mutant ninja
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Hello everyone

Hello everybody!!!! Newcomer to the technodrome
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