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Random Punk
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Shredder finally came through and built that body for Krang.
I've made a custom 1987 cartoon paintjob for a Mega Construx Krang android body. Mega made a big buildable Krang android body but they didn't make one in the figure size for the 1987 cartoon line. They did make on for the "Out of the Shadows" movie thou, and I've repainted that one. It's not a very good paintjob, there are plenty of mistakes and he could have use one more layer of skin colour (I couldn't make one more pass because I had to create that colour using what I have available, trying to make it as close to the big Krang, and I just couldn't mix the same hue again). I've tired to make him look like a smaller version of the big one, rather than the cartoon one, just to have some consistency between them.
The original one, in case someone doesn't know how it looks

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