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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Yeah, I didn't think so. That would be the absolute most boneheaded play any developer could make. Switch has its own niche but nobody who wants to actually turn a profit would ever make a downloadable game exclusive to just that system. Especially since most of the Switch's audience is made up of people too young to know or care about FW TMNT, or TMNT in general quite frankly.

Still, I'd laugh my ass off from the schadenfreude of it all.
I assure you I WILL NOT BE LAUGHING, sir.
"I was down with TMNT once, but then they changed what TMNT was. Now what I was down with is no longer TMNT and what TMNT now is seems weird and scary. And it'll happen to YOU."

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shredder orokusaki
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one of my friends who is 30 years old has 4 brothers and 2 sisters and the youngest of them is 16 years old told me 2 weeks ago that he putt the 16 years old to start watching the 1987 series. He has watched the 2012 series and he liked it and so he decided to also show him the 1987 seires. I will meet him tomorow and maybe he will tell me if his little brother likes the 1987 series as much as the 2012 or not. Also yesterday i met with another of my friends who is 34 years old and he watched the 1987 series when he was a kid but because he has not watcfhed all episodes he decided after so many years to watch the whole series from the begining and he will start from today watching it. He said that while graphics wwre not good evrything else was amazing about it. However yes it is true that most kids nowdays have not watched the 1987 series yet. Those who do is either because their parents told them to see it on their computers or because some of them decided to see it because they liked the 2012 or 2003 series.
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I mention before, it would be cool if they can get the old VA's to reprise their roles in this since it's also through an agreement with Nickelodeon. They never had the cartoon VA's in the games before but it would be nice fanservice if they can do it.

Seeing Raphael actually with Rob Paulsen's voice or Cam Clarke voicing Leonardo would be great even if they would likely only have a few lines.
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