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Originally Posted by funatic View Post
was it stated anywhere specifically that the Alopex micro takes place between 23 & 24? I know the foot deserters at the beginning have a City Fall vibe, but that thread goes back all the way to the Savate being introduced in the single digit issues. Just seems strange that Shredder would take a trip to Alaska amid the building tensions - I've done that flight before and it is no picnic. How's
He going to seize New York when overcome with jetlag?!
It would also play Alopex as a stronger character if she'd been plotting against Shredder for longer, biding her time for the best opportunity to take him out.
Based on Bobby Curnow saying that the Alopex micro fits in chronologically between #21 and #22, I'm more inclined to think a theory I have is right
The Alopex micro takes place at some point soon after the events in issue #21, the prologue to City Fall (really, it could take place at the same time, since they're in totally different places. All that matters is that the events in the Alopex micro take place before City Fall properly begins). In the first three issues of City Fall, only a few hours have passed so far. When the turtles arrive back at their home after realizing Leo is missing, the message from Hob is already on their wall. That means Hob already knew the events that were going to transpire. It seems to me that Alopex and Hob have formed some kind of arrangement. I think Alopex has become disenchanted by the whole Foot Clan, not just the Shredder, and has decided to ally herself with the other mutants. That seems to me to be the only way Hob could've found out everything he knows. I think in the future we may see Hob, Slash and Alopex (and possibly other mutants) form a kind of mutant/animal-rights team.
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