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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Awww, I'm sowwy. I do like muh essays.

Another great post, in any case.

Gearing up to watch Season 2 and beyond, and I immediately remember why I haven't done a big run on this show in a while and why S2 is the last thing I vividly remember: The DVD episode order is bananas. I wanted to make sure I watched the stuff in the "right" order, and unfortunately if you're like me and only have the commercial DVDs to go by, there's a ton of disc-swapping involved. Ooof. I had to write down a whole list and everything. Gross.

You'd think that Nick would've caved in and done proper season sets by now. People have been saying "nobody buys DVDs anymore" for the last 10 years and yet everything still comes out on disc so I don't wanna hear that sh*t. Point of fact, I've never even seen any of the final Season, partly for that reason.

I know, I know, "just pirate it and burn your own discs like everyone else." I really prefer not to do that kinda thing, and frankly shouldn't have to. And secondly, my wife's laptop has the burner and her laptop is broken, so even if I were inclined I couldn't do it.

I know Nick won't ever get off their ass and fix this situation, but yeah that'd be great.
Don't get me started, Leo! Production order vs airing order is for $hit! If people are going to pay for anything like this... All official releases should provide the correct viewing order.
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Going just by episode titles and not remembering much about content, it seems like the 4Kids DVDs were mostly "themed" more than they were in order. Like if there were four or five episodes on a disc, and most of it was a three-part episode, the other one or two episodes might simply be random episodes from way later or way earlier in the series which have one of the prominent characters from the three-parter featured in it, for example, and that would round out the set. Seems to be what they were going for.

And I get it, they were sets released mostly for kids and they wouldn't care. But everything else gets Season or even Series sets. The FW cartoon's had a bunch of 'em; I can go to Walmart right now and buy the entire FW series for like $50. But I can't buy the 4Kids series in proper viewing order.

I mean, MLP: FiM has a bunch of those crummy "theme" sets with three or four episodes... but it ALSO has full Seasons. One would think over 15 years later the 4Kids series would get something by way of a respectful release.

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I'v just published my blog entry/article about this show over at:
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