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Hi Technodromers!

I'm horrible at online introductions, and I wish there were other threads I could copy and paste to see how this goes.

Long story medium, I've been an in-and-out TMNT fan since the original toys and Wolf series took over the world in the late 80s. I like Mirage Vol 1, but never finished it. Enjoyed the entire Archie Comics series, and think the current IDW series has one of the strongest cumulative 100-issue runs you could string together. (The mutant town/battle of the bands story is...well, it's not for me.)

I obviously loved the Wolf series as a kid, but find 2003 a little boring (I made it to S3). I think the Nick series is the best iteration of the Turtles, but Rise is possibly my favorite (I know I've lost all credibility now) because it does its own thing, and that makes the TMNT tapestry that much richer. I own The Next Mutation on DVD, and it is awesomely bad. Not quite so bad its good, which makes it worse...which makes it better.

SHAMELESS BUT RELEVANT PLUG: I first tripped into these forums while curating a set of fan-made trading cards called Mutant Pizza celebrating the Turtles. I'm scouring the real and digital world for TMNT info to include on back matter on each card/character. (Is there NO interesting behind-the-scenes info on Monty Moose???) All proceeds of the set, whenever it's finished, will go to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Over 40 artists across disciplines and media are involved (watercolors, various digital styles, embroidery, collage, toy photography, pyrography, cosplay, etc), and its as much a celebration of art as it is the Turtles. I previously did the same for the X-Men, curating two sets of cards that raised over $5000 for the Equal Justice Initiative. Those are called The ColleXion if anyone is interested in checking them out. The cards are gone, but free interactive PDFs live online. Same will be true of Mutant Pizza when it's all said and done.

Anyway, that's my TMNT story. Hope to meet y'all and shoot the sh**.
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Welcome into the Technodrome.
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Welcome to Thunderdome.

I mean, Technodrome.
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Originally Posted by Cowabung-Gal View Post
Welcome to Thunderdome.

I mean, Technodrome.
That reminds me of this fanfic, The Mutant Chronicles, published on Fanficion Net on 29 August 2002 where in the second chapter, the Technodrome is referred to as the Thunderdrome.

The writer is able to recall the title and plot a speficic Season 4 episode, but not the correct name of the Technodrome. Remember, the DVD release has not begun yet and there is no Youtube. 12 years have passed since Season 4 first aired.

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Welcome. Nice to see a new face around here.
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