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I guess 2003 Casey is pretty hot.

And to have a crush on the turtles would be totally weird. I mean, they’re turtles. I don’t care if their plastrons do sometimes look like pecs…or if they do have nice, big muscles…or if they…

…Aw crap.
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You're Fine. Every single female who ever posted here has either said outright or implicitly alluded to having a crush on at least one of the Turtles. I am convinced it's why half of them ever stayed involved with the franchise past childhood to begin with.

It's fine. They're not even real. For my money any fantasy that has a "Negative-0" chance of ever coming true is by default among the least "harmful" or "weird" kinds of fantasies. Some people think Bugs Bunny is attractive. Who cares? Not I.

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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
You know damn well who gobo is and about that whole mess.
Honestly it's been so long I either forgot or mentally blocked it out. Name sounds familiar though.

EDIT- Ay dios mio. I did some searching around in the forum and oh god. He's better left forgotten.
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