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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
You can find that Shadow Weaver at for about $20 and shipping. You never know, they might do some She-Ra characters in "Origins" if they keep it going long enough.

Sure, I took some pics, although it's late and the light's off and I used the flash so it's not 100% accurate to the color the plastic really is. But it looks good. I also took a picture of the note they sent with it so you can look them up if you wanna look for any of their other MOTU repro weapons. They apparently do a lot of good stuff.

It's a half-sword but I think they make whole swords too if you ask.

It's definitely made out of a harder plastic than the original swords were but it feels good. As mentioned, there's a few other things I plan to order from them in the future. Like I need a Skeletor Power Sword, the He-Man accessory set, and the Sorceress Staff. They're all way cheaper than finding the originals and they look just as good anyway. In the case of those specific things, anyway. Some of the other weapons I need are cheap enough to find the authentic ones, but those specific items are often pretty expensive so $10 or so for a repro isn't bad, I think.

Dude that sword is awesome! I'm really impressed with the quality of the cast. Personally I always liked the feel of the more gummy accessories, but I can't deny it can be really frustrating when they warp into a wrong shape and resist correction, so more I'm confident a more rigid material is more practical. I appreciate the note so I can look into getting some if the need comes up. Thanks!
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