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Originally Posted by hypered1 View Post
The current (rough) chronology of the 'Campbell' era:

Annual 2020
#102 - #105
Jennika 1 - 3 (The Cure for You)
#106 - #112
Jennika II 1 - 3 (Monsters)
#113 - #117
Jennika II 4 - 6 (Redemption)
#118 - #124
Annual 2021 + Annual 2022
#125 - #130
FCBD 2022
Armageddon Game Opening Moves 1 - 2
#131 - #132

Last few might end up being shuffled a bit.
Saw your conversation about Annual 2022 placement in Issue 131 thread and would like to suggest to push it even further down the line right after Issue 117.

I understand, that it's strange to read Annual 2022 before Annual 2021 and there is no way for IDW team to fit it into 15th Collection, but by the end of the day it doesn't matter - what matters is the better reading experience.

So here are my reasons:
  • Season. In Issues 124 and 125 it's full blown snowy winter, while in Annual 2022 it's more like late summer/early fall. I know, that nature always depends on the artist, and we shouldn't pay attention to these details, but we are talking about better reading experience, and significant changes in seasons are a distraction.
  • Anniversary. I know it's a stretch, but a good one in my eyes. If City at War happened late summer/early fall, then this placement will make this issue something of an anniversary of Splinter's death, which would be a good reason for turtles to seek some closure at this exact moment.
  • Narrative. Issue 117 ends with Shredder's monologue with this line: "They still need their time to grieve their father and master". And to read next thing the issue, that 100% of that, is just a great transition. Also, we would have back-to-back stories about Classic Four comes in terms with their past and then Jennika does nearly the same. Thematic consistency.
Also, it's too early to predict, but I believe FCBD 2022 happens after Opening Moves and training two-parter, cause it looks like an actual opening move, unlike eponymous mini, and should trigger some reaction from good guys, which we don't see yet.

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