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Long time reader, First Time post! TMNT4LIfe

Sup TMNT fam?! Been looking on the Drome for many years and finally made a profile back in finally making my first post!

My favorite turtle is Raphael, in my option he is the best! I like the color of his bandana in contrast to the green skin, the weapon he wields and the angry face he makes before taking on a foe. I like the struggle of him not being the leader but always wanting to do the right his own way. He was always my favorite to draw because I loved his sai's and how you could hold them and pose them in many different ways. Whenever my buddies and I would play turtles outside, everyone always wanted to be Leo or Mikey first. So I was just related more to Raph, I guess, and his name is different from the rest so he just always stood out to me.

I collect Playsets, action figures, statues, comics (currently obsessed with The Last Ronin Series) and posters. So basically everything, LOL! I really enjoy the memorabilia stuff too like the bowls and plate sets from the 90"s. The cereal boxes and flip books, lunch boxes with the thermos and any other marketing materials they used to use.

The gem of my collection was my Playmates Cold Cast Statues from the early 2000's. I was working at a local grocery store and saving up to buy them all. I remember my mother got me Leo and Mikey for my birthday and Christmas, and I was able to buy Raph and Donnie on my own, so they all meant a lot to me.
I think I only took them all out one time and set them up and put them back in the boxes. When I moved out of my parents house I stored a lot of figures and those statues in our family's business warehouse.....well, one day we got robbed of all the copper wiring, inventory and of course they stole three decades worth of turtles toys and my statues... still hurts.

So I'm back on the hunt to find them again and always open to offers to anyone willing to sell their set, (PM me anytime) or if you know anyone who has a set for sale send them my way. Thanks in advance!

Can't wait to get more involved on The Drome and talk turtles with all of you!~
TMNT 4 LIfe, Cowabooykashaaaaaa!!!

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