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Originally Posted by Ninjinister View Post
I still don't understand how people are incapable of judging something by target and goal.

If it does what the players behind it set out to do, it succeeds its goal. If it appeals to its target, it also succeeds. If it does anything beyond that, it's a bonus.
Well that's really simple: Sometimes, the goal is really stupid. Acheiving a stupid goal should not be met with applause.

And anything can hit the target, but it's the things that can be enjoyed by multiple age groups that truly stand the test of time. The best shows are the ones that still hold up in adulthood. The first three seasons of Spongebob were made for kids, but they were also made with adults in mind, and they're still funny. Likewise, the creators of Phineas and Ferb have outright said that they make the show for them. It's a kids show, but there's stuff for adults there too. They put in what they found funny, and it shows. A preschool age show will never be as good as any other show, because while it may be a good preschool show, preschool shows have nothing for anyone who isn't a preschooler, no doubt due to the wide difference developmentally between that age group and even just kindergarten. All they do is provide movement and colors. If that's what your show aspires to be, then fine, but don't expect anyone to think it's a masterpiece, especially if they thought they were getting a different show first. A really good cheap wine is still a cheap wine at the end of the day.
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So season 2 is out if anyone cares, it's not better than season 1 and I think it might be slightly worse. And no, it does not confirm or exclude any connection to TMNT in case you were wondering, not that it could confirm that legally anyway.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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