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I love these shows as Youtube poop fodder

"Mama? Mama Luigi?! HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!"

"It's a stone, Luigi, you didn't make it."

Almost as good as Hotel Mario!

"You know what they say, all toasters, toast... toast!"
My TMNT fanfic:

IDW is the best version of TMNT

If they make a TMNT reboot movie retelling the shredder battle/origin, I won't buy a ticket.
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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
That's highly debatable. DK jr still appeared in Mario Tennis with modern Donkey Kong. Not to mention Baby Mario appears in modern era games as well so continuity be damned, I want DK Jr.
Yeah, I learned a few years after this post that Jr. grew up to be modern DK's father and remembered that Cranky is his grandfather. Part of the confusion is because during the N64 era, Rare retconned Cranky into being DK's father. However, Nintendo confirmed that DK is the son of DK Jr. My mistake...
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Polygon interview with the main production folks (plus some of their uncredited family members) of DiC's Legend of Zelda cartoon reveals some surprises!

Experience the TMNT Fan Commentaries!
Check out my TMNT fan comic, "Nothing to Fear"!
View my sketch work!
I'm selling some of my hard-to-find TMNT items!

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Cool, thanks, I love the Zelda cartoon.

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