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Mad Scientist
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RIP Clarence Gilyard Jr.

Actor/Author/Professor Clarence Gilyard Jr., known for his performances as Theo in Die Hard, Ranger Jimmy Trivette alongside Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger, Conrad McMasters alongside Andy Griffith in Matlock, Lt. Sundown Williams in Top Gun, Pastor Bruce Barnes in the Left Behind movies, and other roles, has passed to heaven at 66. RIP Clarence Gilyard Jr.
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Sad to hear that, he did a show in London in the summer and was able to meet him (and have a chat about his roles in Die Hard and Texas Ranger), he did look a little frail but didn't realise he was ill.
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Really hate to hear that. He was an excellent supporting actor in his most notable shows and movies. Curious if he ever headlined anything as the lead actor. I'd like to see that, if so.

His cameo in Karate Kid Part II's famous ice-breaking scene always seemed so random yet memorable.

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