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Originally Posted by the_minimizer View Post
Right. I know that. What I didn't understand was why Shredder and Krang didn't do that in the first place in the 1987 episodes. If Wanted Rocksteady and Beebop was an actual 1987 episode, it would make sense. Otherwise, it makes Shredder and Krang look really stupid for not thinking of it before.
The Technodrome was not powered enough in most episodes. It was often stuck somewhere.

What's more interesting is why Krang and Shredder didn't equip the Technodrome with Solar power during Season 5 when in the Arctic, and just wait for summer to kick in (actually, it was summer with Napoleon Bonafrog, napoleon bonafrog Colossus of the Swamps set during a heatwave).
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Using the same technology in the submarine episode would get power to the Technodrome in the Mariana's Trench.

I only saw the opening scene in Wanted: Rocksteady and Beebop.

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