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Stone Warrior
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Mondo Gecko '87

"Mondo Gecko's the name, and stealing's my game!"

1st appearance episode "Michelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko"

Customized the original 1990 Mondo Gecko figure to more closely match his '87 toon appearance. A lot of sculpting involved, then repainted the figure. Customized some accessories as well.


Instagram: turtlesintime617

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A Crusty Bob Fan
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From what I've seen so far, your re-sculpts (or 'toonification of the former Playmates toys) is really good. You definitely got the FW OT vibe.

Keep up the good work.
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The Fifth Turtle
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So frickin good.
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So tired of this place
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Fabulous work, it's a perfect likeness!

I'm convinced that none of you have ever experienced joy
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I'm Baaaaaaccck!
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Great stuff!
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That's really good!
sorry for my amazing english
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