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Would some of David Wise's episodes violate copyright law?

Alright, so we all know David Wise had an... Interesting idea of how to... Ahem... "Revise" his scripts? By which I don't mean the way you normally revise your work by making sure the plot is free of errors, punch up the dialogue, add functioning drama, fix tired clichés and generally make it better quality. No I mean like... Literally replacing names and changing the context so that it can fit any random show he happened to be working on.

But it recently struck me, he had obviously already sold those scripts. Either that or he was under WFH contracting, meaning he likely didn't own the rights to any of them. At which point I have to wonder, would these episodes violate copyright law? OK, I know none of the companies he worked were likely to care because they didn't really consider these shows to be real entertainment, rather some bizarre cross breed of action figure advertisement and scam to get syndication money, which is nothing ever really came of it. Still, if they did actually care enough to take it to court, would there have been legal grounds for a lawsuit here?
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